Like the post below, this from THE BLOODY BEETROOTS and DIM MAK makes me want to dance my face off. Remixed by Vancouver’s IAMXL.

MP3: The Bloody Beetroots feat Steve Aoki – Warp (iamxl hustle & flow remix)

If you didn’t know, The Bloody Beetroots are in Winnipeg on April 13th. If you’re in town and want to check out the show, send me an email. submissions [at]


It’s weird being a 30-plus-year-old dad and listening to so much party music. The dichotomy messes me up – between societal fatherhood expectations and how I nurture my son’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs becomes a tad overwhelming. Blah blah blah. I feel like I’m in my early 20s submerged in such youthful debauchery.


MP3: Don Rimini РKarat̩


The angular London duo JOHN & JEHN drop their next single Oh My Love on April 20th. Here though are a pair of remixes from L.D and MIGHTY MOUSE that have been making the rounds for a minute.

MP3: John & Jehn – Looking For You (L.D Dubstep remix)

MP3: John & Jehn – Looking For You (Mighty Mouse NYC Sensations remix)


Everyone’s in on the remix game. Here are jigs for Redman courtesy of SCION A/V.

On this 130 BPM filtered disco offering, His Majesty Andre tweaks tight loop of piano and strings provide the theme and keep the track swinging with nasty hi-hats and minimal vocal loops. House heads take notice on this one.

MP3: Redman – I Hold the Crown (His Majesty Andre Gimme Back Da Crown Remix)

A hypnotic, minimal 4 note descending bassline theme runs throughout Mr. Sarno’s remix clocking in at 129 BPM. Opting to leave a fair amount of the Redman vocal intact at the top and featuring a hip hop tempo breakdown that is as funky as it is surprising, this is definitely the track for the O.G. Reggie Noble fans.

MP3: Redman – I Hold the Crown (Nic Sarno Remix)

Fun-loving Milan native Gigi Barocco sets it off with this 130 BPM fidget house banger. Peak time party intensity with the key ingredients here: tight Redman vocal chops, killer arpeggio synth, and tight builds.

MP3: Redman -I Hold the Crown (Gigi Barocco remix)


It’s hard to imagine how influential JOY DIVISION became, especially since the band was only around a couple of years and released two long players. Their debut album Unknown Pleasures was released on Tony Wilson’s seminal label, Factory Records. While the band wasn’t necessarily punk, they were highly influenced by the movement in the late 1970s.

Here though, is a remix from IAMXL. While it’s difficult to imagine any of the band’s songs remixed, this particular recontextualization captures the dichotomy of vacant and endless emotion of the original. The bubbly bassline retains hopelessness and despair with the help of vast echoes and a feeling of great uncertainty.

MP3: Joy Division – Atmosphere (iamxl remix)

This is one of my favourite songs ever.

MP3: Joy Division – Warsaw