As a rule (mostly) there are two things about me: 1; I tend to start things very strong, and if I am not reminded, I all but forget about them, and 2; I really like choral parts in pop songs. The first thing is actually only half true, I finally got myself a job and that’s been eating up all my precious blogging time. The second thing is just some literary fancy I pulled out, but it’s fairly close to being true.

The reason I bring up choral arrangements, is the amazing track target=”_blank”>”THE REELING” by Passion Pit. There is something about those rosy cheeked children’s “Oh Noes” that really makes me believe in the lyrics. Don’t you just want to toss your hands in the air and sing along? That’s what’s so magical about Passion Pit, they are a blog band that’s tunes are 99% pretension free.

Call your mom, I know she’ll love this tune. Actually show her THIS video and she’ll remember that you aren’t just a cold hearted online music critic. It’s an interesting look at wrangling a bunch of kids and getting them to sing on your record, all while warming your heart.

Now if warming your cold, cold heart  isn’t enough, please check out this remix for “The Reeling”. BLACK DOMINOES gives it a little disco-simplification and brings it home to the dancefloor, with a quasi-tribal floor tom jam. The analog drums run a risk of getting cheesy, but Black Dominoes stays the course and gives a good treatment.

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Black Dominoes Remix)

And this tune again because I messed it up last time:

SCHLOCK! – You Can’t Make a Sound (Album Version)

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