I’m a sucker for 80s remixes. Perhaps it’s a result of subconscious yearning to be closer to my two older sisters who fostered my deep interest in music at an early age. I loved hanging out with them in their room in the basement while they had friends over, although I know they didn’t feel the same way. When they were gone I used to listen to their records and read the sleeves. They were both much older than I was so this was the best way for me to bond with them, you know, when they weren’t pinning me down and putting makeup on me.

Here then, is a track dedicated to them. GENTANI stirs up an electro-inspired version of Toto’s smash hit, “Africa” full of nostalgia and basslines.

MP3: Gentani ft Spotnik – Africa

Gentani, who’s from Montreal, does some nice work with this every so slightly latin-inspired bootleg too. Ravey chords and a solid kick drum make this number very dancefloor friendly.

MP3: Gentani – Merengue

Finally, proving his diverse production capabilities, here’s a perfect intro tune for your next mixtape.

MP3: Gentani – Love in the Music

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  1. Gentani says:

    Hey man thanks for helping us share our songs to the world :)

  2. PIsshead says:

    This is bullshit. Absolute noob bullshit.