Bugger. Almost forgot to post these blazing tunes from NAPT. This is what happens when we receive over 100 submissions a day. This is the price of success. ha. Kidding.

NAPT doesn’t need much of an intro to these pages. They’re the creators and purveyors of n-funk which by my calculations is a mashing of a number of styles, most importantly though, breakbeat. Their latest for RED SUGAR RECORDS is a double single that slams basslines sideways. “King Jitter” is a grinding monster while “Treatise” pounds a battling b-boy break. You should grab both – they’re available on iTunes and beatport.

NAPT “King Jitter” – Red Sugar Records by NAPT

NAPT “Treatise” – Red Sugar Records by NAPT

Free tunes…

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Together – NAPT Bootleg Mix [Free download] by NAPT
Free download

David Guetta Afrojack – Lunar – NAPT Bootleg Remix by NAPT
Free download

NAPT on SoundCloud
NAPT on twitter
NAPT on facebook

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