Say what? Massive summer vibes here, appropriate, no? VICEROY lays out some calypso in the classic hiphop tune, transporting it to a super sunny, robotdisco beach party.

If you missed this, it’s a must have, although no word of a release date for it.

…and some older tunes for download as well! Check out his SoundCloud page for a shit tonne more.

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Conjuring sounds of 80s and 90s electro and next generation house music, ELI ESCOBAR‘s first release on DITHER DOWN RECORDS easily worked its way into high rotation here at Manalogue. Ideally, this one is for dark spaces but if you can’t find yourself listening to any of the tunes in this single, close your eyes.

Buy the 12″ here.

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Not sure how I haven’t heard of AARON SIGMON before but the collection of remixes, bootlegs, and mashups he sent us has changed all that. Below are just a choice few cuts…there are tonnes more on his SoundCloud page.

Free download

Free download

Free download

Free download

Free download

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Like whoa. This mashup from HOT PINK DELOREAN should get you moving.

Free download here 

Mashup of:
Hatiras – Space Invaders (Nom De Strip remix)
Avicii – Feelings
Michael Woods – VMS
JELO – Awesomesauce – (Nom De Strip remix)

Is it too late for new year’s presents? This is one…obviously from a few weeks back.

Free download here

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The latest remix from PSYMBIONIC is a spicy, glitchy shuffle. The Beastie Boys’ classic “Intergalactic” is textured with basslines and a stuttered beat. Both the vocal and instrumental versions are offered free downloads. The drop at about the three-minute mark is particularly deadly – this one’s going on high rotation.

Free download here

Peep some older tunes as well! Visit his SoundCloud page for more freebies.

Free download here

Free download here

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like Winnipeg is a hotbed for ghetto funk. We’ve seen some incredible acts come through this city – NICK THAYER being the latest. We can thank our friends at MUSIC FIRST for this show.

I can’t imagine a producer as diverse as Thayer. Everything he does falls loosely into breaks, but the tempo ranges in his production makes him stand out. Yes, there’s breaks plain and simple, but also some of the best ghetto funk and dubstep I’ve heard Thayer has noodled.

The show is at The Zoo on Saturday, January 28. Tickets are $10 and are available at the usual sources. For more details check the facebook event page. Local support provided by some of Winnipeg’s finest, THE V@XXINE, and two of my personal favourite jocks ILL TYPE and  CODA with MC PUCONA.

Here’s a taste of what to expect, but I imagine it’ll be so much better, especially because Thayer plays sets almost consisting of edits he’s done himself.

Free download here

Free download here

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MC2 has an epic EP of bass music. The short player was released on January 9 and you can grab it from beatport. Below are a couple previews of the tunes and below the jump you’ll find some downloads to pleasure your low-end fantasies.

Guns N’ Roses released “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” sometime when I was in elementary school. I made a mixtape (on cassette tape no less) with the song on it and brought it to school for our lunch-hour sock hops. It was pretty awesome but not nearly as deadly as MC2‘s bass-heavy, glitch version.

This next tune of his is a bit more my speed. I’m really digging the glitch and ghetto funk and well, the tempo adjustment makes dancing so much more fun.

The French producer also just released a glitchy mixtape (the digital kind you can download) which got me rockin.

1.Beat Em Up – MC2 – Chateau Bruyant rec
2.Ill Million – Kraddy – Anthems of the Hero
3.Pixelord X Kidkanevil – First Touch (Turnsteak remix) – Mad Hop Vol.4
4.Folls Rhythm off clarity (the revenge of autotune) – Two fingers vs JayZ – MC2 bootlegs
5.Jump feat Maksim – DCarls – Play me
6.Devil’s Playground – Calvertron – JACK KNIFE RECORDS
7.Feel Roll In’s – MC2 – Chatea Bruyant rec
8.Probable Cause – Bassnectar/Ill Gates – Amorphous Music.
9.Aerodynamic – Daft Punk (Specimen A/James d’ley re-fix)
10.Spectacular Weakness – Lokid – Unrealesed
11.Funk Blaster – Koan Sound – OWSLA
12.Computer Slave – MC2 – Chateau Bruyant rec
13.Coat of Arms – Nosaj Thing (Boreta remix) – Alpha Pup Records
14.Schopwrekka – Nasty Ways
15.Violent and (Glitchy)Funky – Infectious Grooves (MC2 remix)
16.Open your eyes – Ill gates/Captain Hook – (Bassnectar remix)
17.Rough – Habstrakt (Brown and Gamon remix)- Chateau Bruyant rec
18.A new World – Mord Fustang – NOIZE
19.Akira – Koan Sound – Screwloose Records
20.Quicka – Tambour Battant/Niveau Zero – Forthcoming on Chateau Bruyant rec
21.Hatiras, Kongman – Helicopter feat. Manners (Dubsidia Remix) – Surfer Rosa Records
22.Knockin on heaven’s door – Guns and roses version (MC2 remix) – Free Download

…and if you missed it, here’s his deadly Glitch Mob remix. Checkout his SoundCloud page for more.

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