REVOLVR sent us his latest bootleg and it’s a bit of a stomper. The mashup itself is pretty basic. It’s undeniable though, that this would slaughter just about any dancefloor and it’s due to the moombah breakdown.

The cut had me searching for a moombahton remix of “Internet Friends” since I wasn’t sure if Revolvr tweaked it himself or if there was something out there that was used. A few things came up but the EBORALL remix stood out for a few reasons.

Free download

Incidentally, Eborall has an entire moombah set for free download. It’s well worth checking out, despite being out for a hot minute already. (I’m not ashamed to say I’m too busy with a million other things to hear practically anything not submitted to us.)

Oh, and this is quite good too. Check GO BUCK! out for a tonne more.

I think Go Buck! needs a post of his own soon. Maybe if he sees this he’ll send us something.

Oh, and a question for you all – how the did DJ Chuckie’s tune ever top beatport’s charts? This tune is annoying as fuck, don’t you think?

…since we’ve somehow did this mini mega post, we might as well finish connecting the dots, no? I’ll stop here though and let you figure out the link between KNIFE PARTY and PENDULUM.

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