A.SKILLZ and NICK THAYER need no introduction and I’m hoping Foreigner doesn’t either. Here then, you have a bass-heavy monster of a bootleg that’s been online for an hour and already has nearly 1000 downloads (at the time of writing). Why don’t you be next?

A.Skillz has a few more dates remaining on his Canadian tour. You should go – hands down one of the best djs I’ve ever seen. He’s magical with turntables.

Oh, and there’s an interview with Nick Thayer coming to these pages once I get over the stigma of an email interview – in person is always so much better.

A.Skillz Links:
A.Skillz on SoundCloud
A.Skillz on twitter
A.Skillz on facebook

Nick Thayer Links:
Nick Thayer on SoundCloud
Nick Thayer on twitter
Nick Thayer on facebook

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