Relative new-comer to the ghetto funk scene, SOME DJ‘s first release on the iconic ghetto funk label GHETTOFUNK.CO.UK just dropped. It’s a bangin’ four-track EP with the expeced wobbles and breaks, plus a drum n bass tune thrown in for those who enjoy the higher velocity. If you’re a Ghetto Funk VIP then you probably already have the tune. If not, it’s a free download as of April 11.

Oh, and if you missed this a couple days ago, or want to hear the full track (instead of a snippet) here’s another new wobble monster from Some DJ.

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few deadly tracks from Some DJ for free download.

Some DJ Links:
Some DJ on SoundCloud
Some DJ on twitter
Some DJ on facebook

Ghetto Funk Links:
Ghetto Funk on SoundCloud
Ghetto Funk on twitter
Ghetto Funk on facebook

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