SPINNIN Carnage & Borgore - Incredible

Borgore and Carnage teamed up once again. This time, they saddle a cinematic tune full of bucking kicks big enough to knock any clown into a barrel. The track introduces itself with some progressive, trance/rave synths which build to a serious drop.

Watch for the official release on Spinnin’ Records on February 4.

Borgore Links :
Borgore on SoundCloud
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DJ Carnage Links:
DJ Carnage on SoundCloud
DJ Carnage on Facebook
DJ Carnage on Twitter

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  1. brian says:

    I just wrote an article about this song today. As you know Borgore released the whole song on soundcloud today but a few hours after my article was written, he removed the song from soundcloud or made it private. I think the song is a complete rip off of sandro silva & quitino’s epic. Carnage gained a large following this summer with his festival trap mix of epic, I think releasing this song “incredible” as an “original” track is ridiculous. Here’s the article . A

    1. Manalogue says:

      Hey Brian, good call. I don’t know anything about it, nor do I know why the Borgore + Carnage track was taken down. Sincere thanks for pointing this out though.

      Either way, I could be convinced that “Incredible” coincidentally sounds so similar to “Epic” OR the former was built on the latter. Only time will tell.