Here’s the new one from BENZI and WILLY JOY.

“Benzi & Willy Joy are back with a new single “VIBES” after their recent smash “This Is Paradise” shook up the internets and tore up clubs all over the globe!

“VIBES” is a futuristic trap anthem with all the elements for another epidemic! It is garnering early support from the likes of Kill The Noise, Tiesto’s grandparents, Crizzly, DJ Sliink, Torro Torro, & Edward Furlong and is featured on Benzi’s brand new mixtape “VICTORY LAP” along countless other exclusives and the whole mix can be downloaded @ Benzi – Victorylap

Download this monster jam now for FREE courtesy of yer friends at Get Right!

Note, the official description (above) says nothing of where the samples came from. While I’m all about the use of samples and reconstructing new tunes out of old ones, when a track like this doesn’t acknowledge links to the past however, it does a disservice to our raving forefathers no matter how cheesy the original was.

The thing is, and I’m showing my age and embarrassing myself a little admitting this, I remember dancing my tits off to “Hardcore Vibes” the year it came out. I imagine the kids hearing the Benzi & Willy Joy version doing the same. It’s a shame that most all the ravers in the nation won’t ever know the history behind it.

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