It’s been a goal of mine to support what’s going on in Winnipeg. In a city as small as this you’d think it would be easy to do but the reality is, the activity here is endless. In short, I don’t think I’ve been doing so well so I’m starting a new thang. On Wednesdays (hopefully every week) I’ll highlight a local producer or perhaps profile a show or promoter. I’m keeping it loose for now and maybe the feature will find its own focus.

For the first post I want to give a shout to BALTIC who’s been a staple in Winnipeg clubs for a hot minute under the name TEC-G. I’ll be forthright in saying it’s not often I make it out to any of his shows. A line from “Coax Me” by Sloan comes to mind, “It’s not the band I hate it’s their fans.”

Anyway, Patryk hit me up a couple months ago with an amazing remix of Chic. It’s a bit electro and a bit disco…and all party, perhaps in a sandstorm.

Ha. This is kinda funny. Tec-G and Lambo (from the next post) worked on stuff together at one point. Not sure if they’re still collaborating – it’s hard to keep up with all of this.

Baltic on SoundCloud
Tec-G on SoundCloud
Tec-G on Facebook
Tec-G on Twitter

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