We had a sneaky listen to this bootleg last night. I (finally) set up my studio small room with an amp and two pairs of speakers and this was the first track I heard. It set the standards high. I desperately wanted to turn it up but the room, which also serves as my wife’s office, isn’t sound proof. Even though it’s in the basement, everyone would hear it two floors above. (Ugh.) I spent months listening to music in my headphones as our basement was under renovations so this particular bootleg from D.V.S* was a warm welcome, home.

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The Brooklyn native has quite the back catalogue too. With releases on Pretty Lights Music, Soulection, Dublab, Gravitas, and so on, his production brushes every genre imaginable. There’s a wide assortment of bass music, chill, downtempo, midtempo, house, garage…it goes on and on.

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…and this one. So good! So much lol.

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