I know very well it’s Thursday, almost Friday even. You see, I had every intention on getting this post done last night but right after I finished the post on Factory Reset: Rudux, but the second I hit publish, my four year old son came screaming down stairs. When I went to see what all the commotion was about, I found him sobbing. That’s when he told me a snake bit his finger. True story. There actually was no snake but he wouldn’t hear otherwise. We spent the next 30 minutes or so looking in his bed for it. He spent another 30 minutes after that singing and during that time I was trying to keep him somewhat quiet so he wouldn’t wake his younger brother and his super tired mum.

That’s quite the excuse, I know. You better have a better one if you’re going to miss STICKYBUDS tomorrow night. Our friends from the BassFace crew are bringing him in once again and I couldn’t be more excited. Sadly I missed the last time he was here. That show was described to me as “ghetto funk 2.0.” This time the folks at BassFace are upping the ante, throwing the party at The Pyramid – a venue which has continually made investments in their PA – and has arguably one of the best in-house systems in the city. So, snake-bitten finger or not, get down.

Below you’ll find a brand new bootleg (and free download) from Stickybuds and SLYNK, as well as couple other recent tunes.

Let it be known, Stickybuds doesn’t play the same set twice, perhaps his last mix from Shambhala might give those unfamiliar with him an inkling of what to expect.

Stickybuds Links:
Stickybuds on SoundCloud
Stickybuds on Facebook

BassFace Links:
BassFace on Facebook
BassFace on Twitter
Stickybuds on Twitter

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