John Norman Well friends, it is the time of year for me to troll through all the music that comes our day, and name my top 10 tracks of 2013. While it is always difficult to narrow the field, this year the following 10 tracks stood out for me without question.



Coyu – I Want Your Jack [Cocoon Recordings]

Late in the year this one came out, and immediately it became a go-to track for me. With its dark basslines and chunky vocal it is a great track for taking a set to a deeper darker place. And i love the cymbals.


Olivier Giacomotto – 20000 Leagues Under The Skin [Definitive Recordings]

The bassline in this almost sounds like a tuba, deep and rumbling. Nothing like digital horn sounds to make the dance floor shake. The breakdown breeds a beautiful tension, slowly lurching toward the full release and drum patterns. Love this tune.


Greg Gow – Flood Zone [Restructured]

The snare in this track teases its way into a beautiful chuggy kick, all of which follow under a nice synth line. This track is great for a little hint of a break on the floor, before we dive deeper.


Inner City – Good Life (Pig&Dan Less Is More Dub) [KMS]

What a tune! Less is more, but all of it is relentless. Pig & Dan give no respite in their dub mix of this classic tune, which gives a no-nonsense shoulder shrugging techno walk of a track. Absolutely mint!


Tiga vs Audion – Lets Go Dancing [Turbo Recordings]

When Tiga is on, he is ON, and this collab with Audion is no exception. The track just reeks of a dark warehouse late at night, with its dark rolling bass echoing the more prominent synth line.


Dantiez Saunderson – Zebroo Anthem (John Norman Remix) [Stripped Off]

This was a huge track in my own sets this year, and made for some of my most memorable DJing moments…including a set at an outdoor festival in Canada where the breakdown literally brought people out of the woods! Not to mention some huge international support, with this making its way into sets all over Europe, Ibiza, and elsewhere.


Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Oliver $ Dub) [Glasgow Underground]

This one came out early in the year, and yet is still sitting in a prominent spot in many of my sets. The industrial sounding bottom end, coupled with a soaring vocal, this one sets dance floors of big time.


Tomi Chair – Walking On Your Image (John Norman Remix) [Stripped Digital]

This is one of the remixes I’m most proud of this year; it builds up with a deep dark bassline, and the looping pianos give it the feel of old house anthems with a modern twist. It has served a great role in many sets for me, building a moody and dark experience.


Noir & Haze meets Compact Grey & Ron Costa – Around The Bane (Noir Mashup Treatment) [Noir Music]

Over the past year, I’ve become (even more of) a huge fan or Noir’s sound, both from his own work and the releases of Noir Music. This tune is a great example, marrying sweet sweet vocals with a jacking bottom end. Huge tune for me this year.


Pig&Dan – Junglism [Soma]

Atmospheric, dark, and rhythmic, this tune really has everything I love in a good techno tune. The layers of drums, each on their own syncopation makes this a treat to listen to, and to mix.





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