Holzkopf, Bonnaventure James + More and a MIX!

Don’t let the sock puppet fool you, this show is going to be outlandishly good!
Bonnaventure Took the Acid by booksxtape

Holzkopf originally blew my brain after seeing him play at Henotic (RIP) in Lethbridge, Ab. He was louder than all the boys in Zebra Pulse put together, and was pretty legit about telling me about his craft. After that, we crossed paths again at Typist’s house in Lethbridge, and played a house show together. I remember it clearly because the Dutch lost to the Spanish the following Sunday and I was fairly upset on the drive back to Calgary.

Anyway, Holzkopf drops some serious breakcore. Too loud for ravers, too electro for punks, but still enjoyed by drug addicts and christians alike.

I will be joining Holzkopf on stage at Broken City with Crimson, Lynwirk, Older Godz and Lodestar Supernumerary. For once, I may just be the most accessible artist on the bill. That’s cool with me.

Thursday June 16th 2011
Broken City 613 11 Avenue Southwest
7-10 dollars for cover I’m sure.

More tunes and the track list for that mix after the jump!

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Germany Germany – Adventures

Double the name, double the heart. This enterprising producer from Victoria is blowing me away with a laid back take on dance music (without becoming Chillwave). More specifically drawing influnce from The Postal Service, in a way a lot more creative than that Owl City bullshit. Replacing Gibbard with Steffaloo and going for the romantic jugular.

Download from the Bandcamp or check out a limited cassette here

Germany Germany – Just Go Ft. Steffaloo

Prairie Funky: Piranha Piranha rethink Nouveau Palais

Piranha Piranha Nouveau Palais – Drama (Piranha Piranha Rethink)*FREE DL by Dan Solo

I’ve raved about these boys and their epic Modern Math night, and their solid crew of attractive and talented DJs (especially the super sexy Typist and Crimson.), and even posted a remix or two, so here is a little more. Straying from the current hype of what is now known as ‘Brostep’ (that didn’t take too long) and in to the much more entertaining and sexy sound of Funky, Piranha Piranha bring us a reason to move our feet.

Grab the tune from their soundcloud, or try mediafire

Digits – Lost Dream EP

Our old friend Alt Altman is back with another powerful piece of dreamy synth pop for our listening enjoyment. Better know as Digits, Alt has stunned me time and time again with how beautifully he can craft a sorrowful pop song with drum machines, synthesizers and a little hard work. The EP is available at his website, and includes four songs and a remix of the lead single ‘Lost Dream’ by the man himself. Check it out here: Digits – Lost Dream EP Download

Digits – Lost Dream