PUNKS029 Pirate Jams - Happy Days

Here we have a release that simply can’t come soon enough. Released on STANTON WARRIORS‘ label Punks Music, the tune from mystery producer PIRATE JAMS is a throwback to the ravey heydays of the 90s.

The original captures the warehouse vibes from the era full of sweaty bodies writhing in an unapologetic twisted mess. JUSTIN HARRIS burns through his own 90s flash back with his remix, dropping a few doses of acid tweakery. On the other end, HOWLA punches out a glitch fueled stomper, knocking the bassline well into the future. Watch for the official release coming February 24.

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toolroom - miami 2013

CEDRIC GERVAIS‘ career as a dj is a bit of a fantasy. He got his first residency when he was only 14. Shortly after his profile catapulted into the stars, where he asked his dad if he could leave school to dj full time. He left France a year later and moved to Miami, which is where he continues to excel, providing the soundtrack to events like the Miami Winter Music Conference.

Here’s an acid-laced electro stomper from Toolroom Records, Miami 2013 compilation. The tune has enough 303 squelch to blind the heartiest of sun-soaked revelers.

Grab this and 46 other tunes from the comp from beatport.

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It’s not often I get excited to post techno but NOOB‘s latest EP struck the right chord.

In my early raving days techno fed my fascination for dance music. Back in the day, it was all I listened to and it nourished the dark spaces I inhabited. Freak People brings back memories of those nights. The London-based record label Bad Life signed this sublime EP from one of our favorite Frenchmen. Plus the EP comes complete with a masterful rework from Harvard Bass.

Check the previews below and grab the EP from somewhere like beatport.

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To commemorate 2000 followers on their Soundcloud, LA BOMBE decided to give away some fantastic growling acid from French newcomers Madame in pristine 320kps quality. Enjoy! Full remix package to come shortly on Beatport. So far, and it’s easy to see why, there’s been a lot of support for this!

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La Bombe boss SHAROOZ is giving away his new track ‘Osiris’ for a limited period only. There’s a tonne going on in this techy track – definitely a number for those late nights.

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Here’s something from seasoned dj/producer VANDAL for just about any jock. The release is nearly impossible to define, covering breaks and electro with some techy deep house flair. Peep the tunes below then grab your favourite from beatport.

If you weren’t in the know, Vandal also produces under the alter ego, Captain Magic. This one’s a bit of a stomper.

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