wayward - ugetsu ep black butter records

Black Butter Records continue to showcase their breadth with the debut EP from WAYWARD. Once again the label proves they are equally capable of exploring the cavernous depths of bass music, and equally comfortable serving luscious, soulful jams.

The London, by way of Leeds duo best known as Wayward, smoothly shuffled their way through the UK house scene, appropriately making their way to the front of the pack with their deep and sultry production. Their latest effort saw the pair in the studio for the last few months recording and experimenting with some new approaches, including the incorporation of live horn sections. But the drums, oh the drums, are key, especially with the EP’s opening track Baile which features broken rhythms as smooth as satin sheets. Grab it from beatport or iTunes.

The entire six track release is a testament to the funky and soulful nature of house music, suitable for both the dance floor and the bedroom.

There’s also this ace video for “Belize” that captures the summer vibes and melancholy that makes the track so beautiful.

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KOKIRI - retrospect

We have a few Love & Other releases to catch up on but their latest, the imprint’s 13th, is a slice of house heaven. Liverpool’s KOKIRI pounds out some 90s vibes with some punchy piano and lush vocal hooks.

ILLYUS & BARRIENTOS – who recently dropped their Stranded EP on Love & Other – build upon Kokiri’s catchy, chord-heavy original, applying their signature dose of deep and garage-fueled bass lines.

Watch for the release to drop on iTunes on October 11, or if you prefer your digital files from beatport, it comes out on October 20.

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As a creator of music, I listen to everything critically – how the sounds were created, how they merge and complement one another, et cetera. It is the most exciting moment to come across a tune that is beautifully constructed in the way Priism’s Stay Strong for KMS Records is. The Journey EP consists of the original Stay Strong and the stunning City Lights, both of which are complemented by remixes from Austin Welsh and The Altus Project. Aside from the outstanding originals, Ken Young’s dance floor ready treatment of Stay Strong is the top – merging the straightforward sounds of the original with an echoed use of the vocal and a pulsing synth line.

You can preview the full EP here via KMS Records on Soundcloud, and head over to Beatport to get your copy – it is out now.


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OFF Recordings 100

OFF Recordings celebrated a milestone today with their 100th release. The label has become one of the go-to sources of house music, having grown a family of talented core artists to carry their sound dance music aficionados around the world. For this very special release the label, founded by ANDRE CROM, asked half of its core artists to create an original track, while other members of the OFF roster brought in their magical touch remixing them. The result is a comp that’s deep and techy, punchy and smooth.

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Josh Butler & Bontan feat. Josh Barry - We Found A Place

I distinctly remember the first time I heard JOSH BUTLER. You remember that collaboration he did with Darius Syrossian on OFF Recordings almost two years ago? Yeah, that one. “Bass Play” went in too many playlists to count. The first time I heard BONTAN, was his remix of Butler’s “Got A Feeling” and like many who heard the track, I put Bontan on a list of producers who I need to pay attention to.

Butler and Bontan collaborated again, with another release on MTA Records, resulting in a jacking cut, topped with some lush vocals from JOSH BARRY, and smooth key stabs. It’s hard to pass this one up. The original and dub versions are available exclusively on beatport for a couple weeks, after which point you can find it everywhere.

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Just Kiddin - Thinking About It

JUST KIDDIN have cemented themselves as pillars of quality house music with releases on Nurvous, Black Butter, and FFRR. The pair’s latest effort secures their position as two of the most exciting producers of deep, lush tunes. After spending the first part of 2014 locked away in the studio, “Thinking About It” is the first in a series of releases that expertly illustrate Just Kiddin’s honed-to-perfection production techniques. With a focus on emotive melody and rich sonics their latest is yet another exclamation point in their catalogue.

Pre-order the single or watch for the single to drop on November 2 on FFRR and Eton Messy, with remixes from Bearcubs and more to be announced.

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Illyus & Barrientos

The Glaswegian duo ILLYUS & BARRIENTOS have something magical going on. In a very short time span their brand of house music has found love from some heavy hitters and with their production prowess, it’s not easy to see why.

Their latest, released September 15 on the relatively new imprint Love & Other, showcases the pair’s penchant for bass-driven, house music. The two-track EP works in some garage-tinged flavours that’s both uplifting (Stranded) and murky (Guided Light). Either way, your feet won’t stand still when these drop. Grab both cuts from beatport.

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