What place comes to mind when you think of Techno? Berlin? Detroit? How about small town Italy?  If this sounds strange, you may be forgiven in forgetting that much of Techno’s roots owes itself in part to Italo Disco of the late 70′s and early 80′s.  In contrast to the upbeat, pop-y Italo Disco, today’s Italian Techno is characteristically quite deep and dark by comparison, even when compared to its contemporaries from Germany and the USA.  The latest release by the duo LABBRATEK is no exception.

“Water Ice On Mercury 8.7″ features remixes by SCAM and EXILE.  While the former is a classic Techno thumper and the later is a nice little spacey Electro number (not to be confused with Electro House), the deep, dubby, atmospheric elements of the original really sets the tone for the entire release.  Perfect for dark basements or headphone listening alike.

You can catch Water Ice On Mercury 8.7 right now at Beatport on I Cieli Di Orione Records.


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plump djs

PLUMP DJs are one of those acts I’ve thankfully crossed off my bucket list. Their sets are legendary and their ability to flow between genres is practically unmatched. While playing in Manchester at Lowdown & Dirty‘s fourth birthday, they did what was expected…and more. Thankfully they recorded the set. Listen and grab the free download below.

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Yolanda Be Cool - SYF - Fritz Helder

Australian duo YOLANDA BE COOL return with a brooding and chugging re-interpretation of the Ace of Base hit “All That She Wants.” The track features vocalists STARVING YET FULL (SYF) and FRITZ HELDER formerly of Azari & III – their first piece of work since the Canadian outfit disbanded. This collaboration between four of the brightest minds in electronic music today resurrects the Ace Of Base ‘90s pop classic in a way that’s both modern and timeless while keeping the anguish that lay in the original.

The two-part remix EP released on Dim Mak Records February 4 and February 18 respectively, includes the original version from Yolanda Be Cool and features remixes from a cast of big names and rising producers including Human Life, Walker & Royce, Plastic Plates, Wordlife, and Go Freek. We were lucky enough to preview these so I say with sincerity, this is definitely a release worth watching for.

First package: (Release date: 2/4)
Original Mix
Human Life Mix
Walker & Royce Mix
Walker & Royce Dub

Second package: (Release date: 2/18)
Wordlife Mix
Plastic Plates Mix
Go Freek Mix

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Photo credit: Marissa Berthelot

Three or so odd years ago (and believe me, the years have been odd :P ), I met a new face to the city of Lethbridge, Alberta. He told me he was from Winnipeg and into trance. I now have the pleasure of informing and hopefully convincing you to help a friend and fellow DJ out. To help someone grab hold of their dreams and win a remix competition through Beatport. A contest where he currently sits in the number 1 spot!

A.I.M (Angelic Industrial Melodies) got his first record deal at the age of 14 (Electrogroove Records) and has been rolling up the electronic music mountain ever since. He is currently in his 4th year of university towards a bachelor of digital audio arts. He is currently helping us throw parties in Lethbridge under the company Bassworks.

Just last month a remix competition kicked off on Beatport hosted by tyDi for his track “Live This Lie”. Seizing the opportunity, A.I.M whipped up a big room stomper in hopes of catching a piece of the dream. Of the 605 entries, his remix currently sits on top at numbah one! (Yes, I am proud).

So I am asking the Manalogue masses for that extra little push for the local boy! Help a brutha out with a VOTE in his direction. The competition closes in 3 days and the winner will be announced Jan. 28th.

Voting can be done HERE

More from A.I.M


Reset! - Shake the Party (Birdee Remix)

RESET!‘s brand of turbofunk has been fueling crazed dancefloors for a hot minute. Their latest is no different and this remix from BIRDEE has some matching race stripes. On your mark, get set, GO!

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About a month ago, the Italian collective let the original loose too, also for free download. Warning, this one ventures into trap. You think you can handle it?

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Dog Halloween

With Halloween falling on a Thursday this year we’re getting quite the bang for the buck. Last weekend saw a number of spooky-themed events and even though the holiday will have officially passed, it’s not stopping the festivities.

Symptom Technologies - Monster Chiller Horror Theatre

First, the Symptom Technologies crew are holding their annual party. If you’re into house and techno, this is where you’ll want to be. The night features the talents of Mike Jasper, Nikki Volan, Deir, and a special back2back set from Nathan Zahn + Chris Komus.
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: The Pyramid Cabaret (176 Fort Street)
Doors: 10:00
Tickets: $10
Event info here

mixtechs monster clash

If bass music is what you’re after, the Mixtechs and Music First crews are gathering for Monster Clash. Kimberly O Dot, El Richee, The Silver Fox, Theo Tzu, and James Helwig will bring the boom.
Date: Friday, November 1
Location: Mondragon (91 Albert Street)
Doors: 10:00
Tickets: $5 adv / $10 door
Event info here

sound republic - scream

Finally, the annual Sound Republic Halloween massive, Scream, is the place to be if you’re looking for one of those raves all night dance parties. Headliners are MAKJ, MYSTO & PIZZI, and MAT THE ALIEN along with a tonne of locals.
Date: Saturday, November 2
Location: Wheelies (1010 Logan Ave)
Doors: 10:00
Tickets: $45


The Writers Block - Dancing in the Dark

Here’s a pop-ish house number from the London trio, THE WRITERS BLOCK. The three met in uni, soon bonded, and started producing music together. “Dancing in the Dark” features vocals from Anouck who belts out pearly melodies over a smooth yet rumbling bassline.

Watch for the release in early December on New State Music.

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