gorgon city here for you feat laura welsh

GORGON CITY‘s recent successes is tantamount of the duo’s quality production and quite possibly influenced by a cultural shift in people’s taste in music. The London boys, Matt and Kye (who you may know as RackNRuin and Foamo), continue with their rich garage-influenced production on their latest effort “‘Here For You’” featuring the sultry vocals of LAURA WELSH. Once again, they use their skills to perfectly encapsulate everything that is so exciting and vital about British dance music in 2014. “‘Here For You’” further establishes the pair as one of the most exciting and talented new acts in the ever-flourishing landscape of British club savvy pop and paves the way for the duo’s forthcoming debut album due later in the year.

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Gorgon City instantly became a favourite of mine upon hearing them a year ago. Check these, including a pair of free downloads, if you haven’t already.

Free download

Free download

Gorgon City on Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | gorgoncity.com
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off recordings offspin019

The always awaited Collected Works series from OFF Recordings OFFSPIN catalogue keeps growing. In the 19th installment the label assembled yet another all-star team including VANILLA ACEHECTOR COUTO, FORRESTRAFFA FL, RUBEN MANDELONI, and ICS. Catch the Soundcloud preview of the full EP below or scroll down for the full tracks

Grab the mp3s on beatport or the vinyl on deejay.de

Kicking off the EP London’s Vanilla Ace delivers “Work On You,” a garage-tinted, bassy stomper. Swinging high hats and a well-placed vocal sample round out the tune for what is arguably the standout track.

Hector Couto has been another go-to producer for me. On “Satisfied” he runs deep, capturing a more traditional essence of deep house, with Forrest providing the vocals.

“Work That” is the work of a pair of Italian producers, Ruben Mandolini and Raffa FL. In this collaboration the two punch out a minimal, jacking number equipped with a few piano licks and strings for any aficionado of the underground.

Lastly, Romania’s ICS drops “Giv’em” maneuvers into g-house territory. The vocal sample parallels a deep and funky bassline for yet another quality release from the OFF family.

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woz - breath ep

Now a staple imprint of the family WOZ returns with another trademark affair: sidewinding basslines, sultry samples mixed with snappy organic beats. The two tracks here simply put, are huge. Grab them both exclusively on beatport. or pre-order directly from Black Butter Records.

With lots of exciting features and remixes in the pipeline, Woz’s genre-defying sound is one to keep an eye on for 2014. If you missed these free downloads, now’s your chance to grab them too.

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hybrid theory - the dark ep

A bit blown away at HYBRID THEORY‘s latest, out now on Ciao Records. The Four40 Records honcho continues his experiments in bass heavy house, combining a range of influences to bring forth exciting and original productions almost daily. The Dark is no exception – a melting pot of different underground characteristics brought together for any bass head’s sonic delight.

The title track is a percussive shuffler. A bit more 4/4 than 2-step, “The Dark” rumbles like a wonky uncle – a bit creepy but too fun to run away from.

The second track, “All Again,” just might be the favourite (although it really is difficult to pick just one). Here’s another shuffling cut where Hybrid Theory flexes his meaty muscles for some of the cleanest, yet devastating low end.

CROOKERS takes “The Dark” for a heavy romp through a deep cavernous garage. This is a jam that deserves to be played loud, on a proper club system.

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deekline-winnipeg march 17 2014

If you ever needed an excuse to go out on a school night, on a Monday no less, this is it. Our friends at RespectTheDJ have a special treat. On his way through for a mini North American tour, DEEKLINE, stops in Winnipeg for St. Patrick’s Day. Get your breaky Irish on and head to Ozzy’s. It’s hard to know what to expect, except bass and breaks of ranging of any sort. Here are a few tunes that might come into play, including his latest free download which was posted a couple weeks ago.

Monday, March 17
Ozzy’s Nightclub (160 Osborne Street)
Tix: $10
Facebook event page

Later this month, Deekline will be at WMC celebrating the Miami culture. To promote a massive Miami bass show (which features 2 Live Crew, 69 Boyz, Mafia Kiss, Baby Anne, Deekline, Keith Mackenzie + many more) Deekline put together a low rumbling mix for free download too.

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deekline - unplugged

DEEKLINE takes influence from his own roots in the UK Garage scene on this one, putting a fresh spin on that classic 2 step sound. Crisp synths, bouncy bass line, ethereal vocal stabs and slight ragga undertones. In this free download, Deekline offer this sexy 2 step number “Unplugged” as a taste of what to expect from his new label Hot Roxx.

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manuel sahagun - false alarm

Swiss duo, FAT SUSHI, are increasingly becoming a go-to source for those deep vibes that straddle the lighter side of garage. The huge, bubbling basslines reflect a clear throwback to warehouse parties of the 90s, combined with soothing sonics for my aging state of mind. In their latest, a remix for MANUEL SAHAGUN, on NHAN SOLO‘s Mother Recordings Fat Sushi give us more of those lush textures with enough wumph to keep me dancing like I was 19 again.

To celebrate their sixth consecutive beatport top 100 release, they’re also giving away ROLAND CLARK‘s a cappella from their single on Suara. Go say hi, and thank them via the links below.

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