Oasis - Wonderwall (sava&razz remix)

Catching the end rays of summer, NYC-based duo SAVA & RAZZ, bring the beach vibes with their bootleg of the “Wonderwall.” Clearly the duo aren’t shy to introduce new friends either. Their shimmering twist on a classic Oasis tune brings together a little moombah shuffle, sax, and calypso rhythms.

Free download

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kittball - white lies - tube & berger big tv remixes

Coming out on Kittball next week, TUBE & BERGER have a pair of remixes for the White Lies tune “Big TV.” The first (the “Work For Free Remix”) caresses the contemplative version of the original (which came out nearly a year ago). Maximizing on the power chords and angular nature of the song, this remix is one for getting lost in.

The second remix (the “Garbage On The Street Remix”) wraps the melancholy into a pure dancefloor fire. Booming garage-inspired basslines, cut away any chance of introspection (unless it’s of course – how can I produce a low end so clear and deep?). Here’s another track that deserves a full 10/10.

Watch for both mixes to drop on May 12.

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Yolanda Be Cool - SYF - Fritz Helder

Australian duo YOLANDA BE COOL return with a brooding and chugging re-interpretation of the Ace of Base hit “All That She Wants.” The track features vocalists STARVING YET FULL (SYF) and FRITZ HELDER formerly of Azari & III – their first piece of work since the Canadian outfit disbanded. This collaboration between four of the brightest minds in electronic music today resurrects the Ace Of Base ‘90s pop classic in a way that’s both modern and timeless while keeping the anguish that lay in the original.

The two-part remix EP released on Dim Mak Records February 4 and February 18 respectively, includes the original version from Yolanda Be Cool and features remixes from a cast of big names and rising producers including Human Life, Walker & Royce, Plastic Plates, Wordlife, and Go Freek. We were lucky enough to preview these so I say with sincerity, this is definitely a release worth watching for.

First package: (Release date: 2/4)
Original Mix
Human Life Mix
Walker & Royce Mix
Walker & Royce Dub

Second package: (Release date: 2/18)
Wordlife Mix
Plastic Plates Mix
Go Freek Mix

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Miami Horror - Real Slow EP

MIAMI HORROR has officially returned with a new single “Real Slow,” on Neon Gold Records which premiered with Triple J earlier this summer and is nothing short of a sun-soaked robotdisco love affair. Now the boys share three “Real Slow” remixes from their friends GOLD FIELDS, PLASTIC PLATES, and L D R U.

For a limited time, the following remixes are available as a free download. Both are dancefloor friendly while embracing the daytime disco of the original. Honestly, it’s tough to choose which edit is best, so you might as well grab both.

Free download

Free download

L D R U takes the track in an entirely different direction and one might say this edit is meant to be heard in darkness.

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I have a bit of a secret to let you in on: I’ve become a bit of a closet hipster when it comes to electronic music.  Not in the pretentious Bon Iver listening, Chomsky quoting, fair-trade coffee drinking, Etsy surfing kind of way (although I do happen to like all those things…), but the “I liked ‘X’ before it was cool” kind of way.  At least that’s what I like to tell myself.  But I digress… The fact of the matter is, since the eclectic upstart label DhARMA came on the scene last year, they’ve quickly become my go-to label for new indie dance and synthpop and certainly have become one of my favourite labels of 2012.  I feel like I’ve been granted access to some secret club that plays only fantastic and unique music.  And their seventh release by Brooklynite ARRON ALEXIS continues that trend.

The title track, “Kill The Lights”, is a lush offering with almost hypnotic vocals.  I suppose you could describe it as downtempo, but it certainly will put you in a relaxed state of mind.  It is, however, very representative of the future retro sound (does that even make sense?) that the folks at DhARMA have curated and cultivated. “Scars” flows nicely from there and expands on everything that the previous track brought to the table but with a small hint of 80’s pop (think Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight”).  The real prize among prizes here, though, is brought to us by KYSON, whose remix of “Kill The Lights” takes the original and feeds it a Xanax before taking things to a dark and mystical place.  This track truly does urge you to just simply kill the lights… Sincerely a beautiful track that I could listen to on a loop for hours.  Really, I could do that with this entire release.  Not a bad way to ring in the new year.

Released on New Year’s Day 2013, you can now pick up Kill The Lights on Beatport or on DhARMA’s BandCamp Page.  With support from other like-minded hipsters such as John Digweed, Jody Wisternoff, M.A.N.D.Y, Derek Howell, Roberto Rodriguez… but you’ve probably never heard of any of them…

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting an interview with DhARMA label co-founders Dibby Dougherty, Ciara Wilson and David Young in the not too distant future.
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