blanilla - apply the bass ep

Last month we posted a glorious DISCLOSURE bootleg from BLANILLA. In the post we hinted at his upcoming single on Sound of Habib. (It’s now available at Beatport, and Juno by the way.) If you like your breaks chunky, well, here’s a cut you’ll want to get your mitts on.

From his studio in Cluj, Romania, Blanilla’s new single Apply the Bass is a bumpy number with San Fransisco’s Kidd Linus sharing the mic with Sara Taigher from Rome. The package is completed by a remix courtesey of Germany’s D-fact.

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ROARING 2020s [JUNE 14]

Roaring 2020s Miss LaMuse November 2013

Our fourth Roaring 2020s party is this Saturday. Once again it’s gonna be a stomper. The first three sold out and this one looks to do the same. So, swing kids, get dolled up in your glad rags and grab your tickets for this hotsy-totsy soiree.

Roaring 2020s June 14 2014

Saturday, June 14
The Pyramid Cabaret (176 Fort Street)
Tix: $10 adv / $15 at the door
Facebook Event Page

As usual, expect to hear some electro swing, ghetto swing, gypsy house, future ragtime, jazz bass, be-bop, breakbeat blues and more from your razzmatazz hosts, NATHAN ZAHN, CHRIS KOMUSLOTEK, and MANALOGUE.

Free download

Free download


funk d'void june 1 2014

FUNK D’VOID was easily the highlight of last year’s Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME). His powerhouse set of some sort of bass and techno hybrid blew apart the outdoor stage at The Cube in downtown Winnipeg. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that every single person who witnessed the free show left with their jaws on the floor. This was easily the best dj set I’ve ever heard/seen. Many in attendance that summer evening would echo this sentiment, including some of the PK Sound techs I spoke to after the show.

The Memetic crew is bringing him back for a show at The Pyramid Cabaret this Saturday and while the venue doesn’t sport a PK rig, it’s arguably the best sounding venue in the city. To be frank, shit’s gonna get wild.

Saturday, June 7
The Pyramid Cabaret (176 Fort Street)
Tix: $20 advance / More at the door
Facebook event page


funk d'void meme 2013

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disciples - poison arrow

The latest from the London-based production / dj trio, DISCIPLES, has me jumpy. “Poison Arrow” is produced by Disciples, and features additional keyboards and programming by SHADOW CHILD. The original bears an uncanny resemblance to Shadow Child’s remix of Movement’s “Feel Real.”

The single drops on June 8 (pre-order from iTunes here) and comes with an instrumental and two ace remixes, one from PURPLE DISCO MACHINE and the other from KILTER.

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ran salman - lose control

London’s Kumasi Music turn up the heat on with their most exciting release to date. RAN SALMAN’s Lose Control let’s the sparks fly in this deep house jam, pairing a dynamite chorus and 909 bassline hook for some brooding dancefloor fire.

It’s difficult to top the original mix but I think PURPLE DISCO MACHINE do just that. Twisting the darkness of the original into a track that’s equally playable on the beach as it is in a dim and sweaty room.

The truth is, every mix on this EP is deluxe, for example MELOKOLEKTIV turn out what might be the most classically house cut in the package. Ace sonics and vibes here.

The three tracks above are available on vinyl, however the digital release is rounded out by a pounding version from MATT FEAR for those with an affinity for techno. Seriously love this remix, not for the faint of heart.

Lastly, ANIMAL PICNIC rolls out a techy, deep, and steady mix perfect for those times when you’re riding in that special zone.

Oh, and since house music is all about scantily clad, fit ladies lately, there’s also this:

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Toolroom Knights Mixed by Doorly

Stacked full of 32 quality tunes alongside an essential full-length DJ mix, Toolroom Knights Mixed By Doorly is a collective showcase of DOORLY’s djing prowess & production mastery. Here’s a collection of ranging from rolling house to techy stompers. The compilation features Doorly originals, remixes, hand-selected choice cuts from friends, as well as a handful of exclusives.

One of these exclusives is featured in this mini profile, where Doorly talks about his influences and confesses that he didn’t start producing until 10 years into his djing career.

It’s impossible to go through all 32 tracks, so here are a few choice ones.

Doorly works a Green Velvet sample in this quite nicely.

Speaking of Green Velvet…

Watch for the release on Toolroom Records, June 9.

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hotline zero ah yeah

HOTLINE ZERO have a stunner with their third EP, Ah Yeah, including a free download for the title track. Total fire here from Hot Cakes, a label that seemingly does no wrong.

The trap / moombah combo from the a-side “Ah Yeah” rumbles like a rock slide through a mountain pass. The tune is big, sure to turn heads, and more importantly, move feet.

Free download

On the flip “Hear Me Out” gets a bit wobbly under the reggae-infused, mid-tempo stomper.

The package is amped up, both in tempo and intensity JFB who cranks out a drum & bass remix of “Ah Yeah.”

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