PUNKS029 Pirate Jams - Happy Days

Here we have a release that simply can’t come soon enough. Released on STANTON WARRIORS‘ label Punks Music, the tune from mystery producer PIRATE JAMS is a throwback to the ravey heydays of the 90s.

The original captures the warehouse vibes from the era full of sweaty bodies writhing in an unapologetic twisted mess. JUSTIN HARRIS burns through his own 90s flash back with his remix, dropping a few doses of acid tweakery. On the other end, HOWLA punches out a glitch fueled stomper, knocking the bassline well into the future. Watch for the official release coming February 24.

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Dance Off for ChekhovAs the kickoff for the Master Playwright Festival, Chekhovfest, the cast and crew of Theatre by the River and Little Echo Theatre’s co-production of “The Cherry Orchard” will host a soiree at Fame Nightclub. The event has a hilariously appropriate title: Dance Off for Chekhov and THE SHAKE will curate the tunes for the evening. (If you weren’t aware, I’m one half of this back2back / tag team duo, along side LOTEK.) Tickets for the event are only $5 (purchase online here) and proceeds go to the aforementioned theatre production.

Friday, January 24
Fame Nightclub (279 Garry Street)
Tix: $5
Facebook event page

It’s our first time playing at Fame and we’re super pumped. We’re often billed for shows well outside the realm of standard club nights but it’s not often we get to play at a gay bar. So, we’ve dug through our old crates files and new jams for a set that’s going to get people moving while at the same time show a new audience what we’re about. It might go something like this…

Stream: Madonna – Like A Prayer (Viceroy + Alkamyme Remix)

Stream: Daft Punk vs Rick Astley – Never Gonna Get Lucky (OMULU MA$HUP)


Yolanda Be Cool - SYF - Fritz Helder

Australian duo YOLANDA BE COOL return with a brooding and chugging re-interpretation of the Ace of Base hit “All That She Wants.” The track features vocalists STARVING YET FULL (SYF) and FRITZ HELDER formerly of Azari & III – their first piece of work since the Canadian outfit disbanded. This collaboration between four of the brightest minds in electronic music today resurrects the Ace Of Base ‘90s pop classic in a way that’s both modern and timeless while keeping the anguish that lay in the original.

The two-part remix EP released on Dim Mak Records February 4 and February 18 respectively, includes the original version from Yolanda Be Cool and features remixes from a cast of big names and rising producers including Human Life, Walker & Royce, Plastic Plates, Wordlife, and Go Freek. We were lucky enough to preview these so I say with sincerity, this is definitely a release worth watching for.

First package: (Release date: 2/4)
Original Mix
Human Life Mix
Walker & Royce Mix
Walker & Royce Dub

Second package: (Release date: 2/18)
Wordlife Mix
Plastic Plates Mix
Go Freek Mix

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A few weeks ago I saw A.SKILLZ post a note on his Facebook page that he’s heading to Winnipeg as part of a three-date Canadian tour. To say I was excited was a huge understatement. The last time he was in town he blew my mind – also an understatement. Technically, his mixes were so precise, and the flow he maintained was like a banana milkshake. Smooth. Winnipeg, you’re in for a treat. Again.

I was also lucky enough to toss a few questions to A.Skillz. Hit the jump to what he had to say below.

Date: Thursday, November 21
Location: Greenroom (108 Osborne)
Doors: 10:00
Tickets: $10 (at the door)
Full event details here.
Local club favourite, HOLLYWOOD HYPE, will light things up for A.Skillz. And in a very fortunate turn of events, I’ll be opening the night as half of THE SHAKE with co-beat captain, LOTEK.

Here’s A.Skillz’ latest mix, for free download.

…and a bit of an oldie, but definitely a Manalogue favourite, also for free download.

Q+A w/ A.Skillz

Manalogue: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
A.Skillz: Adam Mills AKA A.Skillz I offen get thrown in the “Breaks” Category but really it’s mixture of things. Funk and Soul are at the heart of it but i do play a lot of different styles.

Manalogue: When did you start djing? Was there a person or moment that made you want to do it?
A.Skillz: I think I started around the age of 16. I played drums in a band and just got into djing for fun. One of the things that sparked my interest was watching the film “juice”, it’s got some really cool dj battle scenes and a great oldskool hip hop soundtrack, I was hooked after that!

Manalogue: How has djing for you personally changed since then?
A.Skillz: Things have moved on a lot from the early days. It was all about digging for the best records, and cutting up double copies. The art form is still there but it’s the way we acquire records which has changed. nothing is “rare” anymore so dj producers make vip edits and exclusives to stay one step ahead.

Manalogue: Your sets consist of a tonne of custom edits, which is quite ground-breaking really. How’d you get started doing this? How much work goes into these?
A.Skillz: I have some edits that are just re-arrangements of existing records with different vocals or crowd hype bits or what ever. These I make quite quickly just for my dj sets and then there are edits that are more “remixes” really where I’ve really gone to town tracking down the original samples, rebuilding the drums, bass, everything. These are the ones that I usually end up putting up on soundcloud for download. I don’t like giving out the more “throw away” edits to the masses as it seems more disrespectful to the original artists if not a lot has been done change it from the original version.

M: How much prep goes into a set? Do you just wing it, or do you have a plan going into every gig?
A.Skillz: Depending on the gig I normally have around 50% worked out, I know generally where I’m going but I’ll throw in random stuff along the way. I’ve done sets where it’s 100% planned but I find myself getting a bit board when I do that. it’s like going on auto pilot.

Manalogue: It’s been a while since you played Winnipeg. That show blew my mind by the way. What can we expect this time around?
A.Skillz: I’m really exited to play Winnipeg again, I’ll be putting together a nice selection of fresh beats for the show!

Manalogue: You’re on a bit of a crazy tour right now too. Romania to Hungary to Switzerland to China to Winnipeg and beyond. How’s it going?
A.Skillz: It’s going really well, I’m just about to board my flight from Hong Kong back to london, then I have one night at home before I head over to see you guys. I might need a can of red bull before the show!

Manalogue: What do your days look like when you’re on a tour like this?
A.Skillz: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.

Manalogue: Do you have any new material coming out in the next little while? (What is it?)
A.Skillz: Yeah I’ve got an EP that is coming out around February that’s been a little held up by a sample clearance issue but I think we are on track with that schedule now.

Manalogue: Any guilty pleasures we should know about?
A.Skillz: Backstreet Boys- “Everybody” And don’t pretend you don’t all love it too! ;-)

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Just over a decade ago, legendary jazz label Verve began to open its vaults to select producers and DJs, allowing them to remix classic Verve material. I remember when the first Verve Remixed came out, and thought about how progressive the label was taking on a project like this on such a large and official scale.

The label is still holding strong to the Remixed series and their latest edition features a whole host of Manalogue favorites in the likes of Pretty Lights, Maya Jane Coles, Flume, C2C, RAC, Zeds Dead, etc. They re-interpreted classic tunes by some of the greatest female singers in history, including Nina Simone, Astrud Gilberto and Billie Holiday.

We’re happy to say that we’re giving away a copy of the double vinyl LP, one black, one red in a beautiful gatefold packaging.


To enter:

  1. Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter
  2. When doing so, tell us your favourite track from the album
  3. One lucky winner will be chosen at random.

If you’re not familiar, check the tracks below. You can also grab the release from iTunes.



We had a sneaky listen to this bootleg last night. I (finally) set up my studio small room with an amp and two pairs of speakers and this was the first track I heard. It set the standards high. I desperately wanted to turn it up but the room, which also serves as my wife’s office, isn’t sound proof. Even though it’s in the basement, everyone would hear it two floors above. (Ugh.) I spent months listening to music in my headphones as our basement was under renovations so this particular bootleg from D.V.S* was a warm welcome, home.

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The Brooklyn native has quite the back catalogue too. With releases on Pretty Lights Music, Soulection, Dublab, Gravitas, and so on, his production brushes every genre imaginable. There’s a wide assortment of bass music, chill, downtempo, midtempo, house, garage…it goes on and on.

Like for free download ♥ absolutely love this track!

Album download

…and this one. So good! So much lol.

lol to download

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