Winnipeg ex-pat CYCLIST has been covering huge ground with his brand of disco. Working with the likes of Goldroom, Rogue Vogue, Anoraak, and a slew of others, he’s positioned himself well. What we’re saying is, wow, congrats. On top of this, he recently co-founded Mani / Pedi Records.

Most recently, Cyclist (aka Mark Penner) released an exclusive tune with Toolroom Records, on the imprint’s sun-kissed Poolside Ibiza compilation. As the second track in the collection, “Sunrise” sets the tune for a blissful journey. That’s not to say the track, which features the soulful vocals of MAIKO WATSON, doesn’t stand on its own. This is a summer jam, rich and deep, and easy to get lost in.

Here are a few more projects Cyclist has been working on, some for free download.

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Taking disco to new heights, the latest from DCUP has me burning up inside. The single, “Someone Told Me,” comes with remixes from La Felix, Flexcop, Space Jump Salute and Backstroke. Listening to the original, it’s hard to imagine anything wrong with the world – the tune is like the soundtrack to smiles and sunshined.

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jalapeno funk vol 5

Jalapeno Records‘ funk journey rolls on with their latest compilation, Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5, 18 tracks of modern funk. The annual retrospective digs through the vaults and offers a basket full of spicy new flavours. Exclusive tracks and remixes from Valique, Cadien, Quasamodo, Skaggs & Drummond, Basement Freaks and Kraak & Smaak sit alongside tracks from Featurecast, Smoove & turrell, Skeewiff, Dr Rubberfunk and a whole host of Jalapeno stalwarts. Below are a few choice cuts, starting with a free download from KRAAK & SMAAK.

For the full comp and a super deluxe mix visit the Jalapeno SoundCloud page.

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Villa - If I

MIGHTY MOUSE served up a tasty remix for the latest release on indie dance/nu-disco merchant YUKSEK‘s label Partyfine, this time courtesy of Belgian duo VILLA. This free download, a dub of Mighty Mouse’s official remix, straddles time and space with a Moroder-esque techy bit of disco.

Check out the entire EP and grab it on Beatport

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Melbourne’s DCUP brand of robotdisco instantly found its way into my (digital) crates and playlists long before his massive collab with Yolanda Be Cool. He’s able to capture the gloss of 70s era disco and give it even more of a glistening shine, creating modern classics. His latest is no different. “Magic” will enhance the summer vibes for those in Oz but as Duncan notes on this track, it’ll also keep us in the Northern hemisphere a little warmer.

Oh, if you missed these, they’re well worth copping. They’re free after all.

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Big Dope P - Diggity Two

We have an exclusive download courtesy of BIG DOPE P and his label, Moveltraxx. Coming off of his latest EP, a truly eclectic foray into bass music, “Turnt Up” pushes disco to new peaks. At first glance, this might be a bangin filtered house tune in the likes of Reset! and their specific brand of turbofunk. The tune goes a bit further though, smashing disco bpms to new heights and adding some club rap to the mix, the tune is pure party.

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You can grab the entire ep at your favourite digital shops including beatport, iTunes, and JuneDownload. In the meantime, check some of the tunes below.

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Jalapeno House Volume 3

Jalapeno Records has never been tied to any genre. Looking at their past releases you’re as likely to find drum & bass as deep house, lounge tracks as mid-tempo bass. Their catalogue though, is linked by one simple fact. Jalapeno’s mission one might say, is to deliver the funk. The fine folks at Jalapeno have a new compilation showcasing this fact, however their latest explores a housier side of their releases. For this, and the quality the compilation contains, we salute them.

Below are a few choice cuts, followed by a stellar mix. We’ll start with the standout cut but after that, anything goes. It’s all good. Skip the previews even and head straight to beatport for the exclusive.

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