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Muskox are a relatively new label, but hit hard with this upcoming EP from UK producer and Muskox label manager ALISTAIR ALBRECHT. A nice straightforward bottom end is coupled with some great piano riffs, certain to get floors moving – very much of the London sound I know and love.

Also on the EP is a remix from my friend Dutch producer Extrano, which adds a melodic bassline and a little bit more jack than the original – I can see this making its way into the earlier portion of my extended sets.

A nice EP – look for it April 21 from Muskox Records on all digital shops.

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junofest electronic music showcase 575

The Junos are Canada’s musical awards, celebrating the achievements of artists, bands, producers, etc. It’s basically the Canadian version of the Grammys, which often over represents mainstream and top 40 culture.

Recently however, there have been strides to include electronic artists in the mix. While not getting the attention they deserve, there have been some choice nominations category since this one specifically was created in 2011. For example, last year saw GRIMES win “Electronic Album of the Year.” This year, nominees include tech house stalwart NOAH PRED for his album Third Culture, GRAZE‘s self titled long player, RYAN HEMSWORTH‘s Guilt Trips, A TRIBE CALLED RED‘s genre-bending Nation II Nation, and BLUE HAWAII‘s Untogether.

There’s some weighty underground nods here but the real party won’t be at the awards show on Sunday night. No. You see, our friends at Memetic are hosting a proper party, one you can dance at on Friday night. The bill features two of the nominees, Noah Pred and Graze, as well as a stack of locals who’ve made some incredible waves outside of Winnipeg. Tickets for this show are only $15. Full details are in the poster above, or click the Facebook link below.

JUNOfest Electronic Music Showcase
Friday, March 28
The Metropolitan Entertainment Centre (281 Donald Street)
$15 / $30 for the JUNOfest wristband (access to all Juno shows)
Facebook event page

Full album previews here:



T-204 is a new podcast series showcasing the oustanding techno talent in the prairie city. I was very pleased to be asked to be the fourth featured artist, following Andre Bisseck, Sanctuary Resident Justin Kace, and MEMETIC Director Nathan Zahn.

At its core T_204 is about two things: techno and Winnipeg. T_204 is not a war cry for purists, rather it is an homage to Winnipeg’s electronic music origins. Manitoba is a cold dark place for more than half of year, which is why it pairs perfectly with techno.

My mix is 75 minutes of brooding techno, and includes a preview of my next two releases signed to the legendary Detroit Techno label KMS Records, along with tunes on Stripped Recordings, Drumcode, Tronic, Deeperfect, Suara, Bitten & More. I hope you enjoy this, and strongly recommend you give the T-204 Soundcloud and Facebook a follow for more tasty audio treats.

John Norman






John Norman Here is the February Edition of my Obsession With Sound chart, featuring the very finest bits of techno and tech house that you can hear on my Obsession With Sound Podcast series as well as live sets.



Etai Tarzai – No No No (Original) on MOOD Records
You’ll recognize this from my January Chart as well, mainly because the smooth vocal and deep dark rhythm has me captivated – a huge tune for me for sure.

Chris Count – Commando 78 (Original)  on Intec Digital
This track’s snare drum is heavenly, so much drumming, countered by a laser-high synth sound. Have a listen, you’ll love it too.

Matt Sassari – Eisenheim (Whyt Noyz Remix) on Deeperfect Records
This track has all the things that make me happy – chopped up vocals, driving mid range, and a banging bass kick that just makes you jack.

John Norman & Dantiez Saunderson – Stuck In My Mind (Original) on KMS Records
Last month I charted the prolific Kevin Saunderson’s Curators Edit of our tune, and this month I have to give some love to the original. We’ve had some pretty fantastic feedback on this one from magazines and blogs around the world, and loads of support from artists playing it – so huge thanks for the love!

Greg Gow – Flashover (Original) on Tronic
Canadian Techno master Greg Gow gives us a no-nonsense techno tune here, serious beats with a nice forward movement.

Vinayak A – Sands of Goa (Pig & Dan Remix) – Spring Tube Limited
This is actually a re-release on a compilation, but no less worthy of charting. An airy yet dark tune, the minor chords in the synth line have a slightly wobbly feel to them. Beauty of a tune.

Harvey McKay – Silk Road (Original) on Drumcode
I’m very much enjoying this vocal-driven techno sound. It is normally unusual to hear even one vocal sample in a techno tune, much less the 3 (or more?) we hear in this one. And as a maker of sweet breakdowns myself, I have to give credit to McKay for this one. Tune!

Roni Iron – DeGrecia feat Anna Maria (D-Unity Remix) on Dancepush
This is also a repeat from January’s chart…but again, mainly because I can’t stop playing it! This tune has a great buzzing sound in the mid range coupled with a tidy and deep bass kick and rattling snares. Love it!

Electric Rescue – Non Exchangeable (Original) on Bedrock
I love it when Bedrock go dark! This tune means business with a rhythmic static in the synth line, and some great drums. So dark!

Mike Ravelli – Klingin Bottles (John Norman Remix) on UNT
I played a lot with rhythm and space in the sounds for this remix, and I think it turned out pretty well! The EP has made a bit of noise as well with remixes from myself and Alexander Konig, including some time in the WhatPeoplePlay Top 5.


John Norman

Good Things come to those who wait! Kicking off 2014, here is my chart listing what I consider to be the very best techno and tech house available right now.



Dantiez Saunderson & John Norman – Stuck In My Mind (Kevin Saunderson Curators Edit) [KMS Records]. This is a great techno tune that I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of for the general public, and with it my debut on KMS Records. Even more exciting is this fantastic edit Kevin Saunderson added to the EP putting his signature flair on our creation, which is easily my #1 tune of January.


Napalm & d-phrag – Eclipse (John Norman Remix) [Stripped Recordings]. This is a glitchy and techy remix I’ve done on the original, which has definitely made its way into several of my sets already.


Harvey McKay – Lost [Drumcode]. This tune is quite different from the regular Drumcode fare, and yet it fits perfectly with the label’s no-nonsense sound. I’ve been bangin this one out for awhile now and it is a sure fire dancefloor destroyer.


Mario Ochoa – Lost Worlds [Witty Tunes]. I absolutely love the rhythm section in this one, a great tribal feel.


Etai Tarzai – No No No [MOOD]. Deep and moody (pun intended) this one pulls in a fantastic old school diva vocal, with fantastic rhythmic undertones.


Rodskeez – Viviera (dubspeeka remix) [Sounds of Earth]. I’m all over the syncopated piano and swells in this tune. All over it!


Roni Iron feat. Anna Maria – De Grecia (d-Unity remix) [dancepush]. A great jackin backdrop with some well placed snares and clever use of the vocal sample, this makes its way easily into my rotation.


Julio Navas – Noone [Tronic Music]. Part of Tronic’s 2014 All Exclusive compilation, this one has a dark undertone that creeps in and immediately gets bodies moving.


Pan-Pot – Rosinenbomber [Mobilee]. True to form, Pan-Pot bring this quirky track to Mobilee, using vocal samples to great effect, making them feel far off or in your imagination, and then drop a deep dark synth on us. Beautiful.

Sergio Fernandez  - Snowy Evening [Suara]. This just feels like a cold winter’s day – sparse, chilly, beautiful.


light my fire 019 - fat sushi - hypnotic ep

Swiss duo, FAT SUSHI, made their mark within underground clubland by signing their debut EPs on one of our favourite labels, OFF Recordings. Their rich production caught our ear as well as those in the know.

The latest from the pair is a five track EP (three originals and two remixes) on Oliver Koletzki’s label Light My Fire. Lightly dusted with 80s shimmer and glitter, the shine from the EP comes from the luxurious depth of the both “Problems” and “What You Need,” two sun-soaked tracks longing for dim dancefloors in the black of night.

Edit: Ralph and Dan uploaded full-length previews of the tracks after we published this so we’ve updated the post accordingly.

The title track of the EP finds comfort in the shadows. Tinted with a slight sense of melancholy, the techy elements combined with its buoyant bassline just might pinch a few eyelids shut on the dancefloor.

Kyrill & Redford’s edit of “Problems” is lush too. This one just might be my favourite from the release. Really love how the tune changes gears after the breakdown (sorry for the small snippet) capturing everything from the original and twisting it with a garage bassline that would keep me bouncing for hours.

Watch for the full release to drop on January 31.

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OFFSPIN018 Kevin McKay - Goin' Freak EP

Continuing OFF RECORDINGS‘ reputation for releasing ultra fresh dancefloor treats, they pass the torch to Glasgow’s own KEVIN MCKAY. As the head of Glasgow Underground and Breastfed McKay has built a solid following from his dj/producer output, making his debut into the OFF family with two Chicago-influenced bombs.

“Goin’ Freak” is built on a dirty vocal string and runs heavy with deep, booming kicks. The tune is a somewhat of a techy throwback to percussive, jacking house music. “Club Trax” is much more of a funky number full of buoyant bassline licks under Chicago-tinged percussion and vocal stylings. The standout though comes from London’s BRETT GOULD, known for his work on Glasgow Underground and Toolroom. His noodlings on “Club Trax” develops the remix into 90s-influenced deep house monster.

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