T-204 is a new podcast series showcasing the oustanding techno talent in the prairie city. I was very pleased to be asked to be the fourth featured artist, following Andre Bisseck, Sanctuary Resident Justin Kace, and MEMETIC Director Nathan Zahn.

At its core T_204 is about two things: techno and Winnipeg. T_204 is not a war cry for purists, rather it is an homage to Winnipeg’s electronic music origins. Manitoba is a cold dark place for more than half of year, which is why it pairs perfectly with techno.

My mix is 75 minutes of brooding techno, and includes a preview of my next two releases signed to the legendary Detroit Techno label KMS Records, along with tunes on Stripped Recordings, Drumcode, Tronic, Deeperfect, Suara, Bitten & More. I hope you enjoy this, and strongly recommend you give the T-204 Soundcloud and Facebook a follow for more tasty audio treats.

John Norman







Winnipeg’s own LAMBO has been on the grind for a number of years now, holding prominent residencies, throwing parties, and partnering with a number of the city’s who’s who in our expansive dj community by opening what is arguably the best venue in the city, Union Sound Hall.

Over the last year or so Lambo has made big moves with his brand of clap n bass. In some circles trap is considered a dirty word. Lambo certainly isn’t afraid of rolling in the 100 bpm filth.

Free download with a like

Free download with a like

Free download with a like

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Our friends at BASSFACE have been going strong, throwing incredible parties for three years now. To celebrate they’re doing what they know best, cooking hotdogs. No, they’re having a party with some of their favourite local djs and producers.

Friday, February 21
VP Nites (1480 Pembina)
Tix: $10 at the door
Facebook event page

CHRIS KOMUS is one of the key crew members. His output has blown minds the world over with his absurd ability to generate unimaginable sonics. He’s released material on Adapted Records, Enig’matik Records, Monkey Dub Recordings, and so on. It’s always a treat to hear him play…perhaps he might even work his own material into his set.

Komus was also a contributing sound designer for Enig’Matik Records’ portion of Twisted Tools‘ Ultraloop soundpack.

Oh, one more thing…word on the street is the BassFace crew are bringing Stickybuds to Winnipeg once again. Watch these pages for the update.


legit fridays

Please forgive the confusing title of the post. With the Winnipeg Wednesday feature we’re trying to highlight some dj culture here in our freezing city of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada; of which there is an abundance of. The newly resurrected Legit:Fridays is another example of one of the better monthly events going on. Focusing on the wide spectrum of bass music, while simultaneously filtering out the commercially branded noise, Legit:Fridays gives our city a chance to get heavy and keep our shirts on when doing so.

Friday, February 21 (and every 2nd last Friday of the month)
Ozzy’s (160 Osborne Street)
Tix: $5 before midnight / $10 after
Facebook event page

This month features a couple of long-time players. LOTEK, who’s often known as my better half as THE SHAKE, is on the bill and will undoubtedly smash it with jams no one’s heard. He always throws down tunes that has other djs, myself included – even when we play together, scrambling up to the stage to ask about. DAN GILSON is another old-timer (at least in dj years). Perhaps he’s most known for playing breaks, but dood can cook nearly anything up in a set. Relative new-comer, but someone who’s been around for seemingly forever is KARMA KAZI. He’s on the bill playing breaks and house, but given his affliction for mid-tempo, anything could happen.

I have no idea, but the night could sound something like this…


Dance Off for ChekhovAs the kickoff for the Master Playwright Festival, Chekhovfest, the cast and crew of Theatre by the River and Little Echo Theatre’s co-production of “The Cherry Orchard” will host a soiree at Fame Nightclub. The event has a hilariously appropriate title: Dance Off for Chekhov and THE SHAKE will curate the tunes for the evening. (If you weren’t aware, I’m one half of this back2back / tag team duo, along side LOTEK.) Tickets for the event are only $5 (purchase online here) and proceeds go to the aforementioned theatre production.

Friday, January 24
Fame Nightclub (279 Garry Street)
Tix: $5
Facebook event page

It’s our first time playing at Fame and we’re super pumped. We’re often billed for shows well outside the realm of standard club nights but it’s not often we get to play at a gay bar. So, we’ve dug through our old crates files and new jams for a set that’s going to get people moving while at the same time show a new audience what we’re about. It might go something like this…

Stream: Madonna – Like A Prayer (Viceroy + Alkamyme Remix)

Stream: Daft Punk vs Rick Astley – Never Gonna Get Lucky (OMULU MA$HUP)



One of Winnipeg’s busiest club djs has been in the studio, jamming out remixes and originals, as of late. DJ HOLLYWOD HYPE says he’s going to release something a track every week for 2014. The first in the series is a collaboration with Vancouver producer GDUBZ. The free track is a bootleg of Ball by T.I. and Lil Wayne – it’s a bass heavy moombah/glitch combo. Here we go!

Hollywood Hype on SoundCloud
Hollywood Hype on Facebook
Hollywood Hype on Twitter



Photo credit: Marissa Berthelot

Three or so odd years ago (and believe me, the years have been odd :P ), I met a new face to the city of Lethbridge, Alberta. He told me he was from Winnipeg and into trance. I now have the pleasure of informing and hopefully convincing you to help a friend and fellow DJ out. To help someone grab hold of their dreams and win a remix competition through Beatport. A contest where he currently sits in the number 1 spot!

A.I.M (Angelic Industrial Melodies) got his first record deal at the age of 14 (Electrogroove Records) and has been rolling up the electronic music mountain ever since. He is currently in his 4th year of university towards a bachelor of digital audio arts. He is currently helping us throw parties in Lethbridge under the company Bassworks.

Just last month a remix competition kicked off on Beatport hosted by tyDi for his track “Live This Lie”. Seizing the opportunity, A.I.M whipped up a big room stomper in hopes of catching a piece of the dream. Of the 605 entries, his remix currently sits on top at numbah one! (Yes, I am proud).

So I am asking the Manalogue masses for that extra little push for the local boy! Help a brutha out with a VOTE in his direction. The competition closes in 3 days and the winner will be announced Jan. 28th.

Voting can be done HERE

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