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Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013-05-11 Manalogue’s Roaring 2020s live mix by Manalogue on Mixcloud

MP3: Manalogue’s Roaring 2020s Mixtape

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bass Invaders Presents Battle Royale – Manalogue set 1 – 2013-01-12 by Manalogue on Mixcloud

Friday, April 27, 2012

Manalogue’s Tribute to DirtyBird Mix by Manalogue on Mixcloud

MP3: Manalogue’s Tribute to DirtyBird Mix

Friday, December 30, 2011

MP3: Manalogue’s gunged ghetto funk mix

Tuesday, February 23

This is one of my first recorded mixes. It’s a bit patchy but I think it’s still my favourites – probably because it was one of the last times I only played on wax. There’s a good mix of new and old captured in a link below.

MP3: Unkown Manalogue Mix (recorded February 3, 2006).

1. Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb
2. Chicks on Speed – Wordy Rappinghood
3. The MFA – The Difference It Makes (Petter’s Different Mix)
4. Taski Inc. – Tribal Tomb
5. Swayzak – Ping Pong
6. Sandbenders – Defekt
7. Miss Kittin – Happy Violentine
8. Ernest St. Laurent – In the Sky (Romuald’s Cardiac Arrest Mix)
9. Miss Kittin – 1982
10. Sinema – Confusion (Extended and Dirty Mix)
11. Sinema – Maniak Fantasy
12. The Twins – Face to Face (Naughty’s Italo Disco Mix)
13. Creme de Menthe – Plastique
14. Swayzak – Take My Hand
15. Arthur Agent – Real Fookin’ Noise (Acen Mix)
16. Ural 13 Diktators – Disco Kings
17. Atomizer – Hooked on Radiation (Punx Sound Check Mix)
18. Unknown – Teenage Kicks (unknown remix)
19. Northern Lite – Treat Me Better (Treat Me Harder)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Uh, I finally recorded a mix. It’s been a year since I’ve done one successfully. I tried in December and January with while holding my son but they didn’t go so well.

Funny though, I really wanted to make a mix of summer indie tunes but nothing came together the way I wanted it to. In the end, I recording a wobbly electro something. It’s not perfect but it’s still pretty fun.

MP3: Manalogue’s falling down the stairs mixtape [60 minutes, 192 kbps]


  1. Don Rimini – Ohow?
  2. Jamtech Foundation – The Youth Need Bass
  3. D’Secret Service – Tight Jeans (FUKKK OFFF remix)
  4. Stanton Warriors feat Too Short – Raw Meat
  5. Foamo – Rockerman (Lee Mortimer remix)
  6. Eli Smith – Party All Knight (dj version)
  7. Boltan – Creepy (original mix)
  8. Nhan Solo & Daniel Dexter – Bounce is Back (Malente remix)
  9. AC Slater – Hello (Lovecraft remix)
  10. B. Rich feat Domonique – It’ll Be Alright
  11. Cagedbaby – Forced (Foamo remix)
  12. Drop the Lime – Hear Me (AC Slater remix)
  13. Frankmusik – Better Off As 2 (A1 Bassline remix)
  14. Double 99 – Rip Groove (Tim Deluxe remix)
  15. Malente – Music Forever (Dada Life remix)
  16. Zodiac Cartel – Beyond the Dancefloor (original mix)
  17. Barletta – Panther (Torro Torro remix)
  18. The Proxy – Who Are You (Trumpdisco edit)

Friday, July 11, 2008

It’s been a while since I recorded anything. Here’s a live mix used for THE SHAKE which was broadcast on July 11, 2008. Incidentally, THE SHAKE is a weekly radio show run by LOTEK and yours truly. You can hear it in Winnipeg every Friday night on KICK FM from 8-9 or stream it online.


This mix is a collection of a few favourites…some old some new.
01. Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (Deadmau5 remix)
02. Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor (LA Riots vs. Villains remix)
03. Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Stuart Price remix)
04. The Martin Brothers – Stoopit (Original mix)
05. Flo Rida ft. T-Pain – Low (Dance Killed N Moved remix)
06. Usher – Yeah (Miscellaneous Chocolate remix)
07. Rihanna – Umbrella (VNDLSM remix)
08. Surkin – Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium 2nd edit)
09. Klaxons – Atlantis to Interzone (Digitalism’s Klix Klax R-R-Remix)
10. M.I.A. – URAQT (Luvtek remix)
11. Gameboy/Gamegirl – Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp (G.L.O.V.E.S. remix)
12. Muscles – Sweaty (Shazam remix)
13. Michael Jackson – P.Y.T. (Marquis remix)
14. Yelle – A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr rmx)
15. The Touch – Le Night Dominator
16. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Hatchmatik Midnight Juggernauts remix)

MP3: THE SHAKE 08/07/11 – a live mix by Manalogue

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