Victoria Hesketh, AKA LITTLE BOOTS has been frying in the blogs for a few minutes already but here’s a new reconstruction of “Remedy” from Barcelona’s BUFFETLIBRE and SIDECHAINS. The combination tastes a bit like chicken fingers saturated in honey dill – sweet and savoury.

MP3: Little Boots – Remedy (Buffetlibre vs Sidechains remix)

Here’s some additional summer flavour.

MP3: Cartridge – The Woods (Buffetlibre remix)


Patrick Wolf - Buffetlibre

BUFFETLIBRE serve something tasty from PATRICK WOLF. Is it me or does this track sound kind of like some whitefolkschurchgospel-Eurasure-electro hybrid? That’s a lot to process I know but all that matters is that it sounds good. Maybe if the music in the church I went to as a kid sounded like this I’d still be going.

MP3: Patrick Wolf – Who Will (Buffetlibre remix)



Another post that’s long overdue. The HEADS WE DANCE number for the second BUFFETLIBRE project takes the classic electronic noodlings from Kraftwerk and projects their timeless European androgyny back to the future. Ironic considering the origin of the tune.

MP3: Heads We Dance – Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover)

Congratulations are also in order for HWD – they have recently been signed to THIS IS FAKE DIY RECORDS. Look forward to their official release in April.



<<REWIND is an 80s remix project from BUFFETLIBRE featuring 60 remixes from some of your favourite and not so favourite tunes from the hairspray generation. Indeed, the whole all-you-can-eat package will fatten your hard drive, especially because every single tune is available for free, most of which are shared at a high bit rate.

Here are a few choice cuts for the dancefloor.


This song is infectious. It’ll get in your head and suck out your consciousness like a parasite.
MP3: Anoraak – Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics Cover)

Hidden Cat

Way back when, this was a sockhop favourite so now with some added grit and booming sonics it’s easily becoming a modern replacement.
MP3: Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Hidden Cat remix)

The Missiles

Purely instrumental, this track is a modern spin of the original’s timeless riff. Slop it up with some wet and sticky synth work and it’s difficult not to like.
MP3: Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy (The Missiles remix)


My wife and I were driving somewhere when the original of this one started playing on the radio. I started singing, or tried to rather, which really surprised her. She thinks I only listen to music with chainsaw synth and bass. Thankfully, this ace remix let me prove otherwise.
MP3: George Benson – Turn Your Love Around (Database remix)


What has nine arms and sucks? Def Leppard. That’s my all-time favourite joke so automatically Heartache had a huge handicap with this track. This one is quite enjoyable for the most part, although it’s difficult to get past what little vocals that remain.
MP3: Def Leppard – Photograph (Heartache remix)


The sharp piano and bandsaw buzz contrast so well in this track it’s like partybangerfloorfillerpop. Bring it on and practice yer dance. Doods take note – there’s a message in here: SUIT UP!
Dragonette – Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top Cover)


Can’t say I undersand much of the tune except it’s synth pop with a banging 4/4. Wait a minute I think I understand everything now.
MP3: ER2 – Le Jerk (Thierry Hazard Cover)


There’s a bit of pattern emerging. Yes, I like crusty basslines and chainsaw guitars. Manalogue favourites Cryptonites deliver more of the afformentioned with some epic, big room high-end keeping the momentum up for this three-minute stomper.
MP3: Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Cryptonites remix)


This track has more of a groove than a stomp so the low end keep you rollin and the buzzing keeps you satisfied. Don’t worry, it’s still a dance number but the hands won’t be waving in the air like they just don’t care which is perfect by me cuz that means they’ll find something more interesting to do. WOT?
MP3: Lismore – Wot (Captain Sensible cover)


If this was a contest, hands down this remix would win – it’s the Manalogue favourite of the entire Rewind project. Super glam. Super deluxe. Yes. I don’t even like Madonna much.
MP3:Madonna – Get Into The Groove (Sidechains remix)


How much chainsaw grinding buzziness can one take? Geez! This one’s close for first place. It’s thumpy and introspective, a bit dark perhaps, but EFF! Pure dancefloor thunder with an overthetop guitar solo you’ll be sure to air out.
MP3: Marietta – Destination Unknown (CSK OK remix)


I’m really getting tired so I hope you’re enjoying all of this. Comments are appreciated. I’m sure Moulinex would appreciate your love too. He knows I love this song, well if he reads this he will. Seriously, this remix/cover/reconstruction would go so well with a warm sunrise. Baby.
MP3: Pinapples – Come On Closer (Moulinex remix)


Modern French house music…or something like it cuz Overthrill are two guys from Germany. Whatever, they’re influenced by Daft Punk so if you can’t hear that then yer deaf. Filters, squelch, and a beat to keep you moving late into the night. Dig it.
MP3: The Gap Band – Burn Rubber On Me (Overthrill remix)


Finally, the last one. Well there are tonnes more over at BUFFETLIBRE you can check out. This one though, the last Manalogue favourite if you will, is a tasty house number. I could do without the hornsomethingoranother but I’ll get over it.
MP3: Roger Troutman – Do It (Xinobi remix)

<< REWIND <<

The latest REWIND project looks hot. The collection of exclusive 80s remixes and covers comes out in July complete with a mixtape cut up by the BUFFET LIBRE djs. The list of contributors features so much talent – the bands and producers involved in the project are:

Dragonette, Sidechains, The Toxic Avenger, Culture Prophet, Grum, Mendetz, Anoraak, ER2, The Amplid, Moulinex, Purple Crush, RAC, Russ Chimes, UMYO, Hello Tokyo, CFCF, Fisk vs. Blende, Oh Snap!, Xinobi, The Shoes, CSK OK, Keenhouse, Cryptonites, Adventure Kid, !Trash Yourself, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Paper Scissors, Tknik, Black Dominoes, Vitamins For You, Computer Club, Glitch Bitch, Database, South Central, Clash The Disko Kids, Lillica Libertine, Daroc, Pink Skull, Damage, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Royal Rumble, Mat Payne, Loud Pipes, We Are Terrorists, Emotiquon, Night Facilities, Tempest Disco.

Based on the Database remix that was sent as a promo, I’m looking forward to the full release.

MP3: Database – Turn Your Love Around Benson (Rewind Project)