STICKY NOODLES, a brand new project by 2 of NYC’s finest, DJ KRAMES & DJ MORSY. If you know anything about dj culture in the US, you’ve heard the names Krames and Morsy, and you even might play their world famous (and very useful) edits and remixes. Both have been providing useful tools for dj use for years, and now it’s time to unleash their ep together, combining ghetto flavoured club music that flirts with Dutch house and bass heavy. This ep contains 4 tracks crafted especially the dj in mind and produced in a way they will bang the club, no doubt about that.

It’s difficult to pick the standout cut, but in my mind, “Kimbo” gets the nod for its sweeping bassline and keys. So here it is folks, enjoy, courtesy of TOP BILLIN.

MP3: Sticky Noodles – Kimbo

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