Dillon Francis

DILLON FRANCIS‘ ode to the Pubahs has a step on the original track’s sexual euphemisms. Well actually, it strips the metaphors entirely but keeps enough of the original to make me feel a little nostalgic. It reminds me of the time I stole a 12″ white label of “Sandwiches” when I was doing contract work at a radio station in Edmonton, Alberta. I probably could have asked for it…the station would never play this record (I don’t even think they had turntables in the studios) so I figured I’d save everyone the trouble.

MP3: Dillon Francis feat Dirt Nasty – Sandwiches (Ode to the Pubahs mix)

When I was in university I ran into a friend from high school in a parking lot in my home town. He was in his Dodge Daytona listening to Celine Dion. I asked him why he was playing such garbage and he told me the album had a lot of bass. Now 15 years later I wonder if he likes dubstep. I doubt he knows what it is but you do so click below.

MP3: Dr. Hollywood – We Run the Club (Dillon Francis remix)

I CAN’T TURN THIS UP LOUD ENOUGH! This remix of DROP THE LIME wobbles my face off.

MP3: Drop the Lime – Sex Sax (Dillon Francis’ choose your own adventure remix)