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San Francisco’s GHOSTS ON TAPE provided a monumental highlight at the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition in 2012. Our friends at Dualbeat convinced him to come back to Winnipeg for a more intimate show, albeit, one that almost never happened. There was a bit of drama with the original venue who’s management has become known for pulling out on their commitments for nearly everything. Thankfully the lads at Dualbeat hustled their way into the newly minted Royal Albert Arms – an iconic landmark in Winnipeg’s music scene. The Albert has been closed for over a year and I believe Ghosts on Tape will be the first proper show since then, hopefully unveiling new sound, lights, and well, new everything.

The long-winded intro above is a bit necessary. You see, Ghosts on Tape comes from traditional house and techno roots, the kind usually found buried deep underground; the kind that permeates dank warehouses; the kind that’s comfortable in the dark. While The Albert may have recently undergone a lengthy procedure, cleaning its aesthetics and making it the kind of place you may introduce to your new girl/boyfriend, the venue was known as being one of the seediest clubs across Canada. I’m hoping some of the grit wasn’t washed away or painted over and we can all get ravey to whatever Ghosts on Tape brings.

Check the Facebook event listing here, but in summary:

Ghosts on Tape
Saturday, March 16
The Royal Albert Arms
$12 adv. / $15 at the door
Local support by Shael, Redworm, Justin Kase
Visuals by Pixel Pusher

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