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Last Friday BASEMENT FREAKS celebrated their first anniversary of their residency at Hamburg’s Moondoo club. Somehow we missed the email for it but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some proper attention. The lads gave away a tune for the event and if you haven’t checked it out already, click below.

Free download

Basement Freaks third album is under heavy construction as well. It features collaborations with the legendary Charlie Funk aka Africa Islaam & Mustafa Akbar from Napppy Riddem & Fort Knox Recordings. The Freaks have been keeping well saved those jointz for a while to get em released as an album for Jalapeno Records later this year.

A New DJ MIX is also on the making where they’re going to present some upcoming album tracks and brand new edits and bootlegs being released on Ghetto Funk & Scour Records.

For those who might have missed their Ghetto Funk Icons Remix of Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” it can be found below too.

Free download

Finally, catch The Freaks on tour! A few dates are listed below with more shows likely filling in the gaps.
Thu 24 Jan @ Trap Basement (Soundsystem) Thessaloniki
Fri 25 Jan @ Camp (DJ Set) Athens
Sat 26 Jan @ Ginger Club (Soundsystem) Sofia
Fri 08 Feb @ Moondoo Club (DJ Set) Hamburg
Sat 23 Feb @ Werkstatt (Soundsystem) Cologne
Thu 28 Feb @ Lila Eule (Soundsystem) Bremen
Fri 01 Mar @ Moondoo Club (Soundsystem) Hamburg
Sat 02 Mar @ T.B.A (Soundsystem) Berlin
Fri 12 Apr @ Schon Schon Club (DJ Set) Mainz
Sat 01 Jun @ Meli Bar (DJ Set) Limassol

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Relative new-comer to the ghetto funk scene, SOME DJ‘s first release on the iconic ghetto funk label GHETTOFUNK.CO.UK just dropped. It’s a bangin’ four-track EP with the expeced wobbles and breaks, plus a drum n bass tune thrown in for those who enjoy the higher velocity. If you’re a Ghetto Funk VIP then you probably already have the tune. If not, it’s a free download as of April 11.

Oh, and if you missed this a couple days ago, or want to hear the full track (instead of a snippet) here’s another new wobble monster from Some DJ.

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few deadly tracks from Some DJ for free download.

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