Booka Shade
I had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of Booka Shade’s North American tour in Montréal this last Wednesday at Club Soda. I was looking forward to the music but dreading the mosh-pit mentality of Montréal party folk as they tend to amass into quite the rowdy bunch but that’s the beauty of Booka Shade; the music is less of a head-bangers delight and more of a hip shaking sex beat.

The setup was simple with Walter stage left in control of a mixing board, some synths, and some software and Arno stage right beating a set of drum pads and cymbals. You could tell by their smiles and effortless movement that they love their jobs.
Booka Shade
Booka Shade

Their tour continues on and if you have the chance, come out to the show!

20.10.10 – Club Soda, Montreal, Quebec (CAN)
21.10.10 – Mod Club, Toronto, Ontario (CAN)
22.10.10 – St. Andrew’s, Detroit, Michigan (USA)
23.10.10 – Congress, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
25.10.10 – Royale, Boston, Massachusettes (USA)
26.10.10 – Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York (USA)
27.10.10 – Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
29.10.10 – Cow Palace (Live 105 Event), San Francisco, Cal. (USA)
30.10.10 – DJ SET @ Dallas Convention Center Arena, Texas (USA)
31.10.10 – Shrine (Hard Halloween), Los Angeles, Cal. (USA)

And in case you missed it, here’s some music from this years album More!

On a side note, I saw this album cover today from 1979 for “The Way I Feel” by Adrian Gurvitz…Inspiration for the “Get Physical” Logo?
Get Physical

NROTB x Drop The Lime

While it may not seem fair to some, but having that talent to drop two fun remixes of the same tune. People will be jealous of course, people will bitch and moan, people will call you out, but we all know the facts. NROTB bring it with everything they got, well dressed, well mixed, well done.

DROP THE LIME is another bringer who brings it like bringing it is going out of style. I’d suggest gauging which tune to drop in your DJ set depending on the crowd’s Neon Bracelet to Black Eyeliner ratio. If it’s 1:1, play both back to back for 11 plus minutes of killer rave fun.

MP3: Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (NROTB Carnival Mix) ♥♥♥

MP3: Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (NROTB Dark Mix) ♥♥♥




It’s Theo Keating! Oh, wait…you already knew that…

Hailing from London UK, This man’s tasty remixes and hot tracks are popping up like daisies. From Mars (the catchiest song of 2K8), to the ever growing string of remixes with his signature vocal splicing techniques making us all want to scream it loud and clear…FAKE BLOOD has landed.

FAKE BLOOD‘s career in music starts as a…well, let’s just take a look at this convenient chart.

All-star, to say the least. We caught up with FAKE BLOOD @ FOUFOUNES ELECTRIQUES, Montréal last Friday…here is the video:


Enjoy this mashy-rework of Mars care of Newfies REMIX’86. It take’s a Bmore-esque route to fun & funky dancefloor breakbeats.

MP3: Fake Blood – Mars (REMIX’86 Remix)