Kruse & Nuernberg - Boom Boom Ciao

KRUSE & NURENBERG are back with a two-track release on Berlin’s OFF Recordings. On the a-side, “Boom Boom Ciao” opens with a classic house stomp. It escalates rather quickly, booming with a driving bassline and filtered keys. On the flip, “Two Stories” is a bit more chilled. If the title track is peak hour material, then the b-side might do well to give the dance floor a bit of a breather. This track remains a deep affair however, perfect to get lost in while dancing with your eyes closed in dimly lit spaces.

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off recordings offspin019

The always awaited Collected Works series from OFF Recordings OFFSPIN catalogue keeps growing. In the 19th installment the label assembled yet another all-star team including VANILLA ACEHECTOR COUTO, FORRESTRAFFA FL, RUBEN MANDELONI, and ICS. Catch the Soundcloud preview of the full EP below or scroll down for the full tracks

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Kicking off the EP London’s Vanilla Ace delivers “Work On You,” a garage-tinted, bassy stomper. Swinging high hats and a well-placed vocal sample round out the tune for what is arguably the standout track.

Hector Couto has been another go-to producer for me. On “Satisfied” he runs deep, capturing a more traditional essence of deep house, with Forrest providing the vocals.

“Work That” is the work of a pair of Italian producers, Ruben Mandolini and Raffa FL. In this collaboration the two punch out a minimal, jacking number equipped with a few piano licks and strings for any aficionado of the underground.

Lastly, Romania’s ICS drops “Giv’em” maneuvers into g-house territory. The vocal sample parallels a deep and funky bassline for yet another quality release from the OFF family.

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Way, way back, before the turn of the millennium, I blasted Le Trigre’s debut record as loud and as often as I could. Energetic and political, this album was the soundtrack of my youth. After the spark fizzled, JD Samson moved on to his project with Men. Perhaps it was my age, but I didn’t actively engage with any of the new material. This changed a couple a couple of days ago, when I heard ANDRE CROM and CHI THANH‘s remix of “All The Way Thru.” Released on Crom’s label, OFF Recordings, the track was transformed into something almost unrecognizable. Deep and poppy, the new cut bounces into a 90s throwback with its synth stabs while propelling itself into every corner of the dancefloor.

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Jakatta - American Dream (Andre Crom & Chi Thanh Remix)

OFF Recordings label boss ANDRE CROM and long time friend CHI THANH come together on this remix of Jakatta’s legendary track “American Dream” released on JOEY NEGRO‘s label, Z Records.The promo text says the tune is one for the chilled out summer moments by the pool or on the beach, which could be the case, but the low end is so submersive it would also work when the sun has been drowned by the darkness of night.

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OFF Recordings are celebrating their fifth birthday with a smashing EP, featuring a number of core artists on their roster. Proving that OFF Recordings is much more than just a label, they gathered some of the closest members of the OFF family for the release as well as for a series of parties world wide, all in celebration of the milestone.

The first track on the EP comes in the form of a three-way collaboration from ANDRE CROM, CHI THANH, and KEVIN KNAPP. This is a big house stomper, loaded in the low end with smooth vocals for something of a hip-house vibes.

Manalogue favourites LEFTWING & KODY team up with the iconic KRUSE & NUERENBERG. More heavyweight house with punchy kicks and a bassline that won’t stop.

ROBOSONIC and MAT.JOE get back together for yet another fantastic bass-house inspired tune. The epic breakdown in this one provides some much needed dancefloor relief during a deep and stompy set. It would be nearly impossible not to get the heart rate back up once the bassline starts swinging again.

Finally, PURPLE DISCO MACHINE and TEENAGE MUTANTS pair up once again for a funky journey. Loads of tension and release here with the tune’s resonating low end and truncated vocal samples.

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OFFSPIN018 Kevin McKay - Goin' Freak EP

Continuing OFF RECORDINGS‘ reputation for releasing ultra fresh dancefloor treats, they pass the torch to Glasgow’s own KEVIN MCKAY. As the head of Glasgow Underground and Breastfed McKay has built a solid following from his dj/producer output, making his debut into the OFF family with two Chicago-influenced bombs.

“Goin’ Freak” is built on a dirty vocal string and runs heavy with deep, booming kicks. The tune is a somewhat of a techy throwback to percussive, jacking house music. “Club Trax” is much more of a funky number full of buoyant bassline licks under Chicago-tinged percussion and vocal stylings. The standout though comes from London’s BRETT GOULD, known for his work on Glasgow Underground and Toolroom. His noodlings on “Club Trax” develops the remix into 90s-influenced deep house monster.

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OFF079 Leftwing & Kody - I Know [OFF Recordings]

LEFTWING & KODY are back with another highly anticipated release on OFF Recordings. To be expected from the duo, the basslines are beefy yet remain subtle for a lushness that could be ideal for smaller rooms.

“I Know” finds Leftwing & Kody fusing their classic schonkey drums with pitched r&b vocal licks. The builds are big but not overdone either – still enough to get lost on the dancefloor with your eyes closed.

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The second track, “It Was Our” also runs deep in the low end. Its pulsating, acid-like synth line drifts under soulful vocals, brooding and emotive for those special times late at night.

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