OFF Recordings 100

OFF Recordings celebrated a milestone today with their 100th release. The label has become one of the go-to sources of house music, having grown a family of talented core artists to carry their sound dance music aficionados around the world. For this very special release the label, founded by ANDRE CROM, asked half of its core artists to create an original track, while other members of the OFF roster brought in their magical touch remixing them. The result is a comp that’s deep and techy, punchy and smooth.

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off recordings - kevin knapp - the bob dewitt ep

If you like house music in the twilight hours, KEVIN KNAPP‘s latest for OFF Recordings is exactly what you’re after. Brooding and sinsister, the two originals and a remix from EINMUSIK, have a firm grasp on the dark corners of the dance floor and they’re not letting go.

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OFF Recodings continue with the 22nd release in their OFFSPIN series. The two track EP is yet another collaborative effort, this time marrying the talents of DEUX TIGRES and ERKKA. The title track, “Who’s The One” digs a bit of a funky groove out of the vocal sample, subtle bassline, and minimal percussion. “Sunkissed” lays down an exceptional use of jazzy chords and electric piano stabs working their way into a bassline for the perfect accompaniment to a poolside party.

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offspin 021: EdOne & Bodden - All You Find EP

EDONE & BODDEN became members of the OFF Recodings family a few months back with a public introduction on the 17th release in the OFFSPIN series. Since then the Spanish duo worked their bass-driven, garage-inspired wonders on dancefloors world wide. For this release, the pair builds upon the foundation laid earlier.

The title track whips up more of that irresistible garage-induced bassline we crave, topped with cracking snares and the perfect vocal balance.

“Come To Me” starts out with some straightforward Chicago-styled jack but is overturned with a tidal wave of a bassline. Once again, a minimal use of vocals gets this groove locked.

Switching things up slightly, “Keep On Moving” runs a bit darker, catching those warehouse vibes and riding them all through the night.

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OFF089ANDRE CROM (OFF Recordings founder and head honcho) and CHI THANH have built an undeniable studio relationship. Their productions continually turn heads and more importantly, move feet. The pair’s latest provide further evidence – two tracks that sound glorious when played loud and work wonders on the dancefloor.

The lead track, “Black Rain” is an example of how sexy the underground can be. It subtly builds momentum through the course of the tune via tight synth work and a bassline worth holding on to. The b-side is equally sexy, albeit much darker, harnessing the prowess of techno in an underground house tune for late night adventures.

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Kruse & Nuernberg - Boom Boom Ciao

KRUSE & NURENBERG are back with a two-track release on Berlin’s OFF Recordings. On the a-side, “Boom Boom Ciao” opens with a classic house stomp. It escalates rather quickly, booming with a driving bassline and filtered keys. On the flip, “Two Stories” is a bit more chilled. If the title track is peak hour material, then the b-side might do well to give the dance floor a bit of a breather. This track remains a deep affair however, perfect to get lost in while dancing with your eyes closed in dimly lit spaces.

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off recordings offspin019

The always awaited Collected Works series from OFF Recordings OFFSPIN catalogue keeps growing. In the 19th installment the label assembled yet another all-star team including VANILLA ACEHECTOR COUTO, FORRESTRAFFA FL, RUBEN MANDELONI, and ICS. Catch the Soundcloud preview of the full EP below or scroll down for the full tracks

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Kicking off the EP London’s Vanilla Ace delivers “Work On You,” a garage-tinted, bassy stomper. Swinging high hats and a well-placed vocal sample round out the tune for what is arguably the standout track.

Hector Couto has been another go-to producer for me. On “Satisfied” he runs deep, capturing a more traditional essence of deep house, with Forrest providing the vocals.

“Work That” is the work of a pair of Italian producers, Ruben Mandolini and Raffa FL. In this collaboration the two punch out a minimal, jacking number equipped with a few piano licks and strings for any aficionado of the underground.

Lastly, Romania’s ICS drops “Giv’em” maneuvers into g-house territory. The vocal sample parallels a deep and funky bassline for yet another quality release from the OFF family.

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