Here’s a brand new tune with a classic Chicago beat from DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS. Aptly named, this is a house music throwback reminiscent of seedy warehouses and dark basements.

It’s out on PLANT RECORDS with remixes from Cubic Zirconia, Codes, Marcos Cabral, Danny Daze, and Kenny Summit. Grab it from iTunes or beatport.

It’s About The House (Original Mix) by Plant Music

It’s About The House (Cubic Zirconia Remix) by Plant Music

It’s About The House (Codes Remix) by Plant Music

It’s About The House (Kenny Summitt Remix) by Plant Music


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Following HEAVYFEET’s debut release on Plant Music last fall, the Manchester lads return with a second offering. The four-track EP’s sonic strength comes from combining forward thinking heavy house, grown-up garage and well-executed club flavors. While these are genres we’re all familiar with, I’d venture to say the combination of the sounds results in tunes that stand on their own. In my mind it’s absolutely forward thinking and I don’t think I’ve heard anything like it – HeavyFeet and Plant Music deliver the rather excellent Intimidating The Neighbors EP.

The fine folks at Plant have been kind enough to offer the lead track as a free download (check the SoundCloud player below).

HeavyFeet ‘I Will’ by Plant Music

Show some love and grab the rest on beatport.

Sparkles by HeavyFeet

Inner City by HeavyFeet

HeavyFeet – Overrule by HeavyFeet

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One of my all time favourite labels PLANT MUSIC, out of New York, consistently put out some great records. Their releases aren’t the type that scream for attention and although I don’t know anything about the label’s vision or philosophy, they seem to take a slightly different approach to music and its creation.

Their latest number came out yesterday, a long player from Plant’s founder Dominique Keegan and DJ WOOL who are THE GLASS. The album has 10 tracks of brooding house music that straddles the line between melancholy and an eternal sunrise. The tunes are by no means dark but there’s a haziness running throughout the record that offers a glimpse of light.

Here’s a cut from the Four Four Letter single that’s a bit different than what’s mentioned above – a remix by BLACK VAN who allows the sun to shine through the haze.

MP3: The Glass – Four Four Letter (Black Van remix) ♥♥♥

You can stream the entire record here and buy it from beatport, iTunes, or get a deal from Amazon


The second installment of Will Eastman’s Feelin’ dropped today on PLANT MUSIC. This round of the single includes remixes by Dillon Francis, Nacey, Gavin Holland and Ara & Kenny Summit. It also includes a vocal version of the original with a slightly different mixdown and feel. The original was in Fatboy Slim’s Beatport Top Ten Chart earlier this year.

To be expected, given the title of the track, this is a feel good tune. The bass heavy treatment from Dillon Francis could be considered equal parts dubstep and pop giving the remix some massive crossover appeal. The dubstep purists will appreciate the approach too since it’s basically impossible to not like this.

MP3: Will Eastman- Feelin’ (Dillon Francis Remix)

Stream: Will Eastman- Feelin' (Nacey Remix)

Grab the full single from on beatport, iTunes or Amazon.



Clubfeet - Gold on Gold

Clubfeet hail from Melbourne, Australia and their sweet poppy, 80s themed riffs have been dominating aural palettes of new and old fans alike. You may remember them from last year’s “Teenage Suicide” single. They’re debut long player, “Gold on Gold” recently dropped on New York’s PLANT MUSIC. To celebrate the record’s immediate success the label is giving away five tracks. Check out a couple below and after the jump, click to get them and grab the entire album from iTunes.

Stream: Clubfeet - Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)

Stream: Clubfeet - Six Days

Stream: Clubfeet - Say Something


THEM JEANS unified the east and west. As a DJ and promoter in L.A. he’s thrown massive parties but is also affiliated with PLANT MUSIC, one of the best labels to sprout up over the last few years. Maybe that’s presumptuous to say, but you can’t disagree with his output.

About seven months ago, he dropped his remix of of MUNK‘s “Down in L.A.” which is rich with robotdisco hooks and a bassline so sweet you want to lick it off the floor. This one’s a mover, especially for the ladies. This week though, Plant released the smash single from Munich’s Munk (aka Mathias Modica). The track was released on GOMMA last year but Plant has a whole new set of remixes including Fantastadon, Them Jeans, Grand Theft and Dan-OH.

We are happy to offer the all new and superb Them Jeans remix for to post for download

MP3: Munk – Down in L.A. (Them Jeans remix)

Grab the rest from beatport, iTunes, or Amazon.

Them Jeans

Also signed to Finland’s TOP BILLIN’ Them Jeans’ “Balloons” is his first EP with them. It’s a funky-styled house number that has a lead weird enough to make you scrunch up your nose and think, what? Nevermind that though, this single pounds. Remixes come from fellow LA boys CAMO UFOS (Mike B & Nate Day), Mad Decent’s own (and Diplo’s studio engineer) DJA and the next big thing in tropical beats, LOL BOYS (don’t let that name fool you, these dudes are for real for real).

MP3: Them Jeans – Balloons (original mix) ♥♥♥

MP3: Them Jeans – Balloons (DJA remix) ♥♥♥

MP3: Them Jeans – Balloons (LOL Boys remix)

MP3: Them Jeans – Balloons (Camo UFOs remix)


Dillon Francis

DILLON FRANCIS‘ ode to the Pubahs has a step on the original track’s sexual euphemisms. Well actually, it strips the metaphors entirely but keeps enough of the original to make me feel a little nostalgic. It reminds me of the time I stole a 12″ white label of “Sandwiches” when I was doing contract work at a radio station in Edmonton, Alberta. I probably could have asked for it…the station would never play this record (I don’t even think they had turntables in the studios) so I figured I’d save everyone the trouble.

MP3: Dillon Francis feat Dirt Nasty – Sandwiches (Ode to the Pubahs mix)

When I was in university I ran into a friend from high school in a parking lot in my home town. He was in his Dodge Daytona listening to Celine Dion. I asked him why he was playing such garbage and he told me the album had a lot of bass. Now 15 years later I wonder if he likes dubstep. I doubt he knows what it is but you do so click below.

MP3: Dr. Hollywood – We Run the Club (Dillon Francis remix)

I CAN’T TURN THIS UP LOUD ENOUGH! This remix of DROP THE LIME wobbles my face off.

MP3: Drop the Lime – Sex Sax (Dillon Francis’ choose your own adventure remix)