balanced records anniversary party 13

Balanced Records, Winnipeg’s multi-genre electronic label celebrates its 13th birthday this weekend. The party is tomorrow (Saturday, May 10) at the Fox and Fiddle.

For over a decade the family and crew at Balanced have a huge swath of releases, ranging from house, downtempo, dub, to broken beat. SEED ORGANIZATION returns from Montreal for a special performance, showcasing his penchant for the low end frequencies of dub. Label co-founders KASM (Adam Hannibal) and SOLIDAZE (Luis Cardona) round out the night along side REDWORM.

Saturday, May 10
The Fox & Fiddle (456 Main St)
Tix: $10 adv / $12 at the door
Facebook event page


sanctuary april 19 2014

One of my favourite nights out in Winnipeg is undoubtedly Sanctuary. Every month the crew behind it pay tribute to the underground with some amazing local talent, showcasing house, techno, and broken beat. This month they celebrate their one-year anniversary and for the first time ever are bringing in an out of town headliner. From Regina, FATBOT will grace us with his house stylings. We’re in for a treat with both resident djs, JUSTIN KACE and REDWORM playing as well. Why not, it’s their party and they’ll play if they want to.

Saturday, April 19
The Loft (774 Corydon Avenue)
Tix: $5
Facebook event page

Sanctuary on Facebook
Fatbot on Soundcloud
Redworm on Soundcloud | Twitter
Justin Kace on Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



It’s been nearly a month since the last SANCTUARY. I’m kind of scratching the paint off the walls waiting to get back there. The last one was so fun because I played. The lineup for the night’s next installment rubs elbows with more of Winnipeg long-time underground lovers. By that I mean, these djs, who’ve been part of the underground culture here in Winnipeg since its inception, love the the roots of house and techno etc. I didn’t mean these four djs get sweaty with each other when no one’s watching. No.

This Friday, July 19, Winnipeg’s monthly night for dub, house, techno and all frequencies in between will be curated by:

It’s going to sound something like…

Grab the full details here.



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YURI’S NIGHT is just around the corner! This is one of my favourite events of the year, after all, it’s not every day you get to play in the Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium. As THE SHAKE, Lotek and I have been lucky enough to be part of the Winnipeg event, which is one of hundreds around the planet, since the fist one in 2010.

JFunk, Justin Kace, and Redworm help us out with their space-themed aural adventures and we have mixtapes from them below. The night is always so much fun but the thing is, the Planetarium has a really small capacity so get there early or buy your tickets in advance.

This year is going to be extra special because the Planetarium recently upgraded the facility with a Digistar 5 all-dome projector. I’ve heard tests were amazing. Really looking forward to seeing what JAYMEZ and PIXEL PUSHER will treat us with.

Yuri’s Night commemorates the first human spaceflight by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961 and the inaugural launch of NASA’s Space Shuttle on April 12, 1981. This year marks the 52nd anniversary of Yuri’s flight into space for which the Manitoba Museum is a proud participant in the global night of art, science, and culture of space exploration. In addition to the dance party the night features a space-themed costume contest, cash bar, free pizza, and hands-on science coolness in the Science Gallery.

…and now for the mixes! If you didn’t know LOTEK is the bacon in my breakfast. He shot over his mixtape for MEME submission, appropriately titled MEME Generator. It opens slow, which is one of Lotek’s signatures but gets meaty rather quickly, serving a heavy plate of deep and funky. You’ll dig this one.

MP3: Lotek – MEME Generator

I love techno but I rarely listen to it and practically never play it. JUSTIN KACE‘ live mix from DUALBEAT‘s show with Ghosts on Tape, might change that. Love it!

MP3: Justin Kace – Live at the Royal Albert Arms March 16, 2013

As one of the point men behind BASS INVADERS, Redworm is responsible for bringing some unbelievable shows to Winnipeg. REDWORM‘s sets are something to look forward to because he’s always on top of where things are heading. He normally plays a wide variety of bass music but for this show he tells us he’s shifting things a bit. Unfortunately we don’t have a newer recording for Redworm but take a listen to this anyway – it’ll blow your mind.

Here’s my latest mix. It’s a quick deep house to breaks jaunt.

Sadly too, we don’t have a mix from JFunk, aka Jordan Chester. You need to know this guy though – he’s responsible for bringing some of my favourite djs to Winnipeg. A.Skillz, Krafty Kuts, JFB…the list goes on and on.


ghosts on tape - wpg

San Francisco’s GHOSTS ON TAPE provided a monumental highlight at the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition in 2012. Our friends at Dualbeat convinced him to come back to Winnipeg for a more intimate show, albeit, one that almost never happened. There was a bit of drama with the original venue who’s management has become known for pulling out on their commitments for nearly everything. Thankfully the lads at Dualbeat hustled their way into the newly minted Royal Albert Arms – an iconic landmark in Winnipeg’s music scene. The Albert has been closed for over a year and I believe Ghosts on Tape will be the first proper show since then, hopefully unveiling new sound, lights, and well, new everything.

The long-winded intro above is a bit necessary. You see, Ghosts on Tape comes from traditional house and techno roots, the kind usually found buried deep underground; the kind that permeates dank warehouses; the kind that’s comfortable in the dark. While The Albert may have recently undergone a lengthy procedure, cleaning its aesthetics and making it the kind of place you may introduce to your new girl/boyfriend, the venue was known as being one of the seediest clubs across Canada. I’m hoping some of the grit wasn’t washed away or painted over and we can all get ravey to whatever Ghosts on Tape brings.

Check the Facebook event listing here, but in summary:

Ghosts on Tape
Saturday, March 16
The Royal Albert Arms
$12 adv. / $15 at the door
Local support by Shael, Redworm, Justin Kase
Visuals by Pixel Pusher

Ghosts on Tape on SoundCloud
Ghosts on Tape on on Facebook
Ghosts on Tape on Twitter


Some time ago I mentioned over and over the number of Winnipeg weeklies that have taken on new directions or folded entirely. It’s only been a few months but the nightlife here is truly coming back, well, to life. Some solid doods started BASS INVADERS around the same time this darkness fell. While not a weekly, Bass Invaders do things on (roughly) a monthly basis and their gaining strength – the proof is in their parties.

THE SHAKE (that’s the tag team alter ego of Manalogue and LOTEK) are lucky enough to play this month along with the usual Bass Invaders crew, BILLY ROCKWELL and REDWORM, plus more local talent who deserve entire pages on this site. I’m feeling a sense of pride here you see, because I’m sure many of the readers (if any of you actually read the words on these pages) probably don’t have a clue where Winnipeg is. The thing is though, Winnipeg has an electronic music scene that runs deep with talent.

Drunk Love by Billy Rockwell

Try Again Bitch by Billy Rockwell

A Horrible Start by Billy Rockwell

Blerg by Billy Rockwell

Q Funk Dubsetp Mix by Redworm

P-dot-S-dot. I have no idea what I’m going to play yet, but Lotek and I have been told to play our craziest shit. This night will be deadly! Check out the event details here and invite yourself.