whats up suckaz (ZHU remix)

It’s amazing what ZHU has done with TJR‘s hilarious, viral Soundcloud sensation, “What’s Up Suckaz,” turning it into a stompy electro house tune. Perhaps what’s most impressive of the remix, creative and tasteful sampling use aside, is the inherent, identifiable TJR flavoring that Zhu was able to apply to his edit, transforming it from internet meme to certified club banger.

tjr whats up suckaz

If you haven’t heard the original, it’s worth listening to. Serious lols, also available for free download.

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Here’s one for everyone. TJR jacks the 90s classic from Sir Mix-A-Lot into another dimension by focusing on some key vocal samples and the bouncing synth. Who wants to party?

MP3: TJR – Baby Got Jacked (vocalized)

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