Bladerunner Post

Yo! I got a new job that has me writing a lot, so I’ve been dreading another assignment. Granted, Manalogue doesn’t force me to do these, I could say no, but it’s too much fun. Since I’m short on words, I’ll give you music and video instead;

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I suggest muting the movie, and listening to this song:

K-conjog – Attenti al cane

I discovered this video in relation to a candid facebook conversation about Bladerunner, that turned in to talk of Robot Intercourse. This video was linked by a friend of a friend. K-Conjog sent us an email claiming to be a one man boy band. I downloaded his tunes expecting him to be an a capella singer or something. I think he may be the opposite of a capella.


Songbird and remix darling LITTLE BOOTS is getting her chance to gab on VBS about the one and only STYLOPHONE. Seems to me like a pretty good endorsement, I’ve been wanting one for some time now, but haven’t seen them in shops till recently. Urban Outfitters sells them in the “Hip Junk” section of their stores, so if you can’t resist go now and get one!

The device it’s self is actually very cool, I may have to buy one on pay day before this video goes viral and they sell out. Hit the jump to view another video of Little Boots kicking a bedroom version of “Meddle” that shows the Stylophone in action.
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